Steam Deck OS 3.5.2 Preview: OLED Support & Performance Upgrades | What to Expect in the Stable Release

2023-11-14 16:00:03

Valve has added support for the recently announced OLED model of the device in the OS preview update “SteamOS 3.5.2” for the portable gaming PC “Steam Deck”. The stable release of “SteamOS 3.5”, which was reported to have improved fps, may not be far away? In addition to the stable version provided by default, the OS “SteamOS” installed for Steam Deck has a preview version that allows you to try out the functions under test. In the preview version of “Steam Deck OS 3.5” released on September 16, 2023, in addition to the “color vividness” adjustment function that could only be done with a volunteer plug-in, VRR (variable refresh rate) when connected to an external display was added. Added support and more. Performance and functionality improvements have been made in this version, and while users have reported improved fps in some games, various issues have also been confirmed, perhaps due to lack of stability as it is a preview version. Some users are waiting for a stable version to be released. At the time of article publication, the stable version has not been updated since “SteamOS 3.4.11” released on October 6th. However, the preview version “SteamOS 3.5.2” released this time added support for “Steam Deck OLED (OLED model)”, and Steam Deck generally has a stable OS installed by default. Considering this, it is expected that the stable version of “SteamOS 3.5.2” will be released around November 17th, when the OLED model will be released. “Steam Deck OLED” equipped with an organic EL display is scheduled to be sold at KOMODO’s online store from November 17th. If you want to try the SteamOS preview version, you can switch between the stable version and the preview version by going to Settings > System > System Update Channel. Please switch at your own risk.

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