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2023-11-01 15:27:21

Exploring the normal world with a shrunken human body is a very popular theme in games. For example, “Grounded” produced by Obsidian Entertainment has received extremely good reviews. However, the reason why some people want to shrink down may not be to fight giant insects, but to explore giant insects. A secret adventure in the human body – “The Police Mystery”, a simulation exploration game developed by RP Game Design, appears to be such a game at first glance.

From the name, “The Police Mystery” seems to be the title of some kind of police station secret exploration event, but after watching the promotional video, you will understand how this game looks like playing a miniature policeman, full of plump The female police officer experienced an exploration of the secret realm of the police station in her office.

Obviously, the developers’ motivations seem to be much simpler than we imagined. Unfortunately for him, some people just like to play like this.

As soon as you enter the game “The Police Mystery”, you will be told at the beginning that this nonsensical game also has a background setting, and the story goes like this…

Who can fight so many and watch them all? In short, the arrest of a troublesome witch in the police station has caused all male police officers to be cursed with a shrinking curse, causing the male protagonist to work together with other male police officers to figure out how to return his body to normal.

Although there is a story setting, the game doesn’t seem to care about logic at the beginning. Officer Thomas, whom the player meets at the beginning, seems to know everything. He tells you that you must collect the mysterious gems scattered in the police station in order to free the male police officer from the curse.

As for these lengthy conversations, the female police officer next to you just stared at the giant donut, motionless, and quietly watched your performance. In fact, most of the female police officers in all the police stations seem to be under the spell of time suspension.

As for the experience of shrinking your life, the physical operation of the game is actually very rough. The sense of weightlessness when moving and jumping is particularly obvious, and the scenes are not detailed. Most of them are monotonous desktops or chairs for you to run endlessly.

As for how such a small body can jump to high places, no problem, you can climb. Your hands and feet are sticky like Spider-Man, so you can climb whatever you touch.

After I worked so hard to find the first gem, I finally triggered a scene interaction event – the policewoman in front of me finally moved, and you must escape before being eaten.

Generally speaking, the gameplay of “The Police Mystery” is like this. After you find the gem location through Dragon Ball Radar, you will be ready to face the policewoman’s killing incident.

Soon, after you get the first gem in the game, you will be able to ride a fly and go on adventures everywhere (don’t ask why the fly obediently rides it for you). When you fly over the police station, you will realize that the police station is really big.

Yes, every policewoman is very huge. Although the sizes are slightly different, they are basically all “thicc” body types.

Being a fly flying around in the policewoman’s office may be the single happiest thing in this game. However, since the policewoman herself is just a scenery, even if the mobile policewoman can swat flies, her movements are very rigid and monotonous.

It is worth mentioning that exploring upskirts is one of the great pleasures of this game, and the official also emphasized that one of the selling points of the game is that you can see the protagonist die in various ways, including being eaten, beaten to death, or killed. Trampled to death.

Another major feature is that the human body is used as a level.

In the middle of the story, Laura, a policewoman, finally discovered the existence of the protagonist. She was willing to help the protagonist solve the curse. The protagonist stated that he must sneak into Laura’s clothes to find gems, and Laura readily accepted.

So, I went on an adventure of crawling from my arms into my armpits, then into my bra, then back to the back of my neck, and finally to my groin.

Yes, even if you know that this is basically a human body model that has been enlarged dozens of times, and the textures are not very detailed, there is still a lot of fun in getting into clothes and taking risks.

At the same time, during the process of climbing Twin Peaks, I also felt quite sorry in my heart. It is such an interesting subject matter, but it is a pity that the way of presentation is very rough, because Laura has almost no reaction, she is just a scenery.

In the end, I got lost in Laura’s clothes, so I closed the game. When I came back to the game, I found that there was no real-time save in the game. I could only go back to the starting point of the previous mission – I had to crawl through Laura’s body again. , this sounds very erotic, but it is not fun at all.

However, before returning to the Steam store to consider a refund, there was one secret I had to try for myself.

In the game, if the riding fly runs into the nostrils of the policewoman, a Cutscene will be accidentally triggered, and the policewoman will sneeze and spray you out without any harm.

Yes, this is a fantasy of “vorarephilia” in the gentleman’s knowledge of sexual fetishes. There are many detailed categories on the Internet, so I won’t go into details here.

Yes, while the developers’ ideas for making games are simple, sometimes a gentleman’s wishes are simpler.

Anaïs Nin, a well-known American writer, has an inspiring saying: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” (Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.)

In the game “The Police Mystery”, not only the entire policewoman has grown in size, but there are at least one or two scenes that will make people feel that their courage is growing.

Unfortunately, this is the limit.

I hope that any aspiring adult game developers can one day satisfy the wishes of the vast number of gentlemen who want to return to their birthplace.

The shrink-down life simulation exploration game “The Police Mystery” is now available on Steam, with a standard price of NT$288. There is no secret cave exploration in this game.

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