Claim Your Free Copy of Melvor Idle on Epic Games Store – Limited Time Offer

2023-12-21 17:00:56 The idle role-playing game “Melvor Idle” (Chinese translation: Coming Dark) produced by Australian game developer Games by Malcs has become the second limited-time free game in Epic Games’ Christmas chain gift event, only available on December 22 Within one day, you can collect it and save it permanently to your Epic Games Store … Read more

Captain Pawsome: A 2D Fishing Adventure Game on Steam Early Access

2023-12-13 05:14:42 independent team Chicken Launcher The 2D fishing adventure “Captain Pawsome” (tentative translation, Captain Pawsome) developed with Unity is now available on Steam as an early access experience. It allows you to clean the ocean while fishing. The demo is currently open for trial play. The game “Captain Meow Zan” supports simplified Chinese interface … Read more

Chasing the Unseen: Single-Player Action Adventure Coming to Steam on March 7, 2024 | Strange Shift Studio

2023-12-12 10:52:21 The single-player action adventure “Chasing the Unseen” (tentative translation, Chasing the Unseen) developed by Canada’s Strange Shift Studio announced that it will be released on Steam on March 7, 2024. It also revealed three new scenes and will support Simplified Chinese interface subtitles after launch. , the demo is open for free trial … Read more

Top 10 Best Games of 2023: Time Magazine’s Rankings and Reviews

2023-12-05 15:39:59 Time Magazine selects the Top 10 Best Games of 2023 | Tears of the Kingdom is only ranked 4th. The championship is surprising | 2023 will be over in less than a month. It is a good time to review the big and small things that have happened this year; the recent famous … Read more

Real Slime Simulation Game: Japanese Streets and Interactive Elements Update

2023-12-04 05:57:31 That “Slime Simulation Game” has new progress. Epic Games art designer Asher Zhu recently released the latest video of the “Real Slime Simulation” game that he has been developing for many years. This time there are more gameplay elements, and the scene is also stunning, because the background has been moved from a … Read more

Unpopular Childhood Games Resonate with Netizens: Jackie Chan Stuntmaster and More

2023-12-03 02:00:04 Lien Teng Tsai shares the unpopular games of his childhood | Alternative childhood memories emerge: I remember playing Jackie Chan on PS the most | Although not everyone may have a home game console or a portable game console at home when they were young, but it is good for those born in … Read more

Ultimate Strategy Guide for The Night Before Forgotten Mobile Game | 5 Tips for Novices and Strong Team Recommendations

2023-11-30 09:40:03 Strategy guide for the new mobile game “The Night Before Forgotten”|5 tips that novices must know and strong team recommendations|The traditional Chinese version of “The Night Before Forgotten”, a rougelike deck-building game similar to Slay the Spire in “Slay the Spire”, has been officially launched, “Hong Kong 01” Technology The following section of … Read more

TGA Game Awards host responds to “Dave the Diver” nomination controversy, “Indie games are a general term” | 4Gamers

2023-11-28 10:25:53 The Game Awards (TGA) 2023 will be announced on December 7. This year’s masterpieces are gathered, and many games have not been nominated. Among them, “Dave The Diver” (Dave The Diver) has been shortlisted for “Best Independent Game”, which has caused controversy. Man and founder Geoff Keighley responded positively and explained. “Diver Dave” … Read more