Unpopular Childhood Games Resonate with Netizens: Jackie Chan Stuntmaster and More

2023-12-03 02:00:04
Lien Teng Tsai shares the unpopular games of his childhood | Alternative childhood memories emerge: I remember playing Jackie Chan on PS the most | Although not everyone may have a home game console or a portable game console at home when they were young, but it is good for those born in the 80s, 90s and even the 00s, more or less Everyone will have childhood memories related to playing video games, whether it is a home phone, a mobile phone, or playing Flash games on a computer, etc. Recently, some netizens posted in the Liandeng forum discussing unpopular games they played as children, which resonated with many netizens. Liandeng netizens have posted the most unpopular childhood games. Jackie Chan’s King of Stunts is the first. Liandeng user “Youma Kanai” recently posted on the lihkg Liandeng discussion forum “One person, one person, one unpopular childhood game sharing”, and then posted the original PlayStation in the post. Gameplay video of the game “Jackie Chan Stuntmaster” Jackie Chan: King of Stuntmaster, and said that he was “somehow impressed by this Jackie Chan game”, and mentioned that the gameplay was “fighting while running, with many actions and humor. At that time, It’s a masterpiece as far as games are concerned.” At the same time, I will use this game as a starting point to see what other interesting unpopular games netizens have to share with you. Game screen of “Jackie Chan Stuntmaster” recommended for the strongest character at the start (high-definition by simulator): Netizens responded enthusiastically, and none of the reporters on super popular games have ever played it. The post caused heated discussion among netizens. At the time of writing, there were already 14 pages of replies, many of which People have posted about the games they played when they were children, and the responses from netizens are quite thoughtful. At least there is no “Individual Sentai”, but they are really works that not everyone has played; the responses mentioned that the works are not played by even reporters. Most of them have never heard of it before, and some even heard of it for the first time. However, some people think that the games mentioned in the post are still not popular enough, and many of them were popular or well-known works at the time. ????Mon Hunt’s new work, Bio Code Remastered|Capcom’s major year-end announcement was leaked. Click the image to enlarge. Lian Deng hotly discusses the unpopular games of childhood. Share: Lian Deng hotly discusses the unpopular games of childhood. Share: The Getaway, a PS2 game launched in 2000. Bomberman GB2 is an open-ended game with gameplay slightly similar to GTA, the 1995 GameBoy game Ecco the Dolphin, and the 1992 Sega Mega Drive game. It can be said to be a dolphin simulator. You can sing and communicate with other creatures in the game. Ultrasonic positioning occurs, etc. Green No. 6 Antarctica, a 2000 PS1 game adapted from the comic of the same name, can simulate the experience of driving a submarine Lost in Blue, NDS’s classic survival puzzle game Sim Girls: DNA2, a classic flash game, the gameplay is similar to Heartbeat Memories “Dragon Slayer” is a game launched by Japan’s Falcom on the FM-7 computer in 1984. It was later transplanted to other platforms such as GameBoy. Into the Center of the Earth is a computer game launched by TGL in 1998. The gameplay is to explore the unknown underground world. , you have to face a large number of enemies along the way. Gunbound is an online battle game launched by Softnyx in 2003. Players on both sides take turns shooting at each other with tanks, which tests their aiming ability. Since the game was free to play, many students played it back then.Summoner, Falcom’s classic war chess game????Netizens wanted to watch Yokohama’s 1:1 Gundam but went to the wrong Odaiba to complain online and were besieged instead: they didn’t know where they were going.
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