Apple should better manage the disappearance of games on Apple Arcade: bye bye The Pathless or Warp Drive

2023-11-22 22:41:07 Did you know that Apple occasionally removes games from Apple Arcade? This is not new, we were talking about it in 2022, but Apple’s way of communicating on this subject (rather than not communicating) can cause problems. The Pathless, NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, Ocean Horn : The Labyrinth of Kronos or Warp Drive … Read more

The Latest News and Map Size Reveals of GTA 6 by Rockstar Games

2023-11-21 14:14:50 The latest news about GTA 6|The game map has been revealed to be three times the size of GTA 5|Grand Theft Auto 6|Rockstar Games has announced earlier that it will officially reveal the next version of Grand Theft Auto in the world’s most popular game series “GTA” in early December Fans are naturally … Read more

PlayStation Portal: Media Ratings, Reviews, and Analysis

2023-11-16 13:45:30 The unblocking of PS Portal ratings has been generally well received, but Xbox players are dissatisfied: high scores exceed XSS system gameplay|The PS5-specific streaming handheld “PlayStation Portal” PS Portal will be launched soon. Recently, the ratings of foreign media have also been lifted. The ratings of each media are summarized below. The key … Read more

Apple App Store Awards: The Best Apps and Games of the Year Revealed!

2023-11-15 00:56:00 (Picture/reproduced from Apple’s official website) The annual App Store Awards are here! Apple earlier officially announced the shortlist of nearly 40 applications for 10 awards, spanning different platforms such as iPhone, Mac, and iPad, competing for the final Best App and Game of the Year. Apple mainly differentiates by platform and type. There … Read more

Captain Marvel 2 Movie Review|5 Great Easter Eggs + Hidden Characters|Attached are links to must-see related works

2023-11-09 04:54:30 Captain Marvel 2 Movie Review | 5 Great Easter Eggs + Hidden Characters Even better. I was worried beforehand that it would have a strong “feminist flavor”. After watching it, I just thought it was a light-hearted sketch that did not praise or emphasize any doctrine. The following is an introduction to the … Read more

An analysis of Resident Evil Village performance on iPhone

2023-11-08 22:41:15 Our colleagues from Digital Foundry have just published a video dedicated to the recent port of Resident Evill Village on iPhone. They are particularly interested in MetalFX, the technology ofupscale from Apple which arrives (finally) in the iPhone. First of all, they note that the actual definition when MetalFX is used is a … Read more