Matter 1.2 standard brings white goods, robo vacuum cleaners and fans into the smart home

2023-10-23 17:25:00

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Die Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) hat den Smart home standard Matter 1.2 completed. As promised, it comes around six months after the last update and brings with it some large device categories – in the truest sense of the word. Because with the update, white goods also have the chance to be used across manufacturers in the smart home.

The new devices include washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators, which can now listen to Matter commands. There are also other potentially large devices such as air conditioners and air purifiers.

The inclusion of autonomous floor vacuum cleaners/robovacs is also interesting. The standard also takes different abilities into account, such as wet mopping or pure vacuuming/sweeping. The small vacuum cleaners can also pass on the status of their brushes or batteries in the smart home.

Air quality sensors are also new. The standard provides a report of a total of ten values, including PM1 values, CO2 content or ozone as well as formaldehyde values. There is also support for fire detectors and warning devices that measure carbon monoxide levels.

Last but not least, fans are also included in Matter as separate devices. The smart home can be used to control the wind direction, if the fan can do this, as well as the force with which the rotor moves the wind.

The new standard also slightly expands the capabilities of some existing device categories, such as can be read in the blog.

The release of Matter 1.2 primarily means that devices can be certified and then brought onto the market. This particularly applies to the device categories mentioned above, which can now be equipped with Matter, ideally with an update.

A directly visible version number is rather unlikely on products, as we from Ifa already reported in our background discussion with Matter. An update for existing devices is often not necessary. The new vacuum cleaner functions would be of no use to a radiator thermostat, for example. In addition, no security gaps have yet been discovered that would require an update.

Since some of the new devices are among those that tend to have long product cycles, widespread availability of the new products will likely take some time.

The new one is currently available for development teams Matter 1.2 specification as well as the new one Matter-1.2-SDK at Github.

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