Real Slime Simulation Game: Japanese Streets and Interactive Elements Update

2023-12-04 05:57:31

That “Slime Simulation Game” has new progress. Epic Games art designer Asher Zhu recently released the latest video of the “Real Slime Simulation” game that he has been developing for many years. This time there are more gameplay elements, and the scene is also stunning, because the background has been moved from a dark dungeon. Time to go to the sunny streets of Japan. According to the actual video, the slime in the picture can freely move and jump in the streets of Japan. Due to the characteristics of the water body, its movement will leave traces of soup and water, and it can also move freely on slides or bathtubs. Deformation. At the same time, Asher even demonstrated interactive elements, such as touching slimes, buying drinks to rehydrate slimes, etc… Yes, environmental factors can also affect slimes, especially sunlight. update on my Slime game????You sent your trusty minion into the nearby human city to gather intel. But it’s summer.. keeping that slime hydrated is a serious commitment #gamedev #techart #vfx #realtimevfx #UE5 — Asher Zhu (@Vuthric) December 4, 2023 In fact, Asher has been developing this slime simulation game as early as 2020. At that time, the slime had already demonstrated the characteristics of penetrating objects when moving, and it was also sticky so that it could be stained on objects, and it could also swallow the enemy and carry him around. However, these early images are still functional displays after all, and are still far from the finished game. Until now, Asher seems to have moved the background to the Japanese scene, changing the game from its original combat elements to a more casual atmosphere. Of course, this game is still in the development stage, and Asher has not announced plans to put it on the shelves. Interested players can continue to follow Asher’s X account (Twitter) or ArtStation. Things I Made — Asher Zhu (@Vuthric) February 9, 2020

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