UEFA Investigates Sexual Noise Incident: All You Need to Know

2023-12-03 12:45:11

UEFA investigates sexual noise incident (picture alliance via Getty Images)

[Now Sports]It is rumored that online creators broadcast sexual noises as a prank during the European Nations Cup draw, and UEFA decided to investigate. Although it is reported that UEFA has launched an investigation, the whole story of the incident seems to have been revealed, because the online creator Daniel Jarvis has publicly admitted responsibility: “Listen! That was our action. We put the phone there and made the call. Sexual noises were made during the draw.” UEFA Deputy Secretary-General Giorgio Marchetti was on hand to control the scene and made sure the phone did not ring again. “There were some strange noises at the scene, but they have stopped now. There is no more harassment. The sound of drawing lots.”

The BBC reported that this was not the first time Daniel Jarvis had done something evil. He had previously done a similar prank on a program on the station, and the BBC was about to apologize to the public for it. But it did have an effect, as even Niaga felt dumbfounded: “In terms of sabotage, the effect of this prank is very interesting.”

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