Steam’s “Battlefield 2042″‘s popularity has rebounded, and the “chariot becomes a jumping egg” bug is still funny | 4Gamers

After nearly 8 months of negative criticism since its launch, Battlefield 2042 finally entered its first season last week“Zero Hour”After the revision, the popularity has finally picked up significantly, at least there are no longer only a hundred players left.

according to Steamcharts Records, “Battlefield 2042” since the June 10 season update, got rid of the slump in May, the number of PC Steam ditto reached nearly 15,000 players, showing that the new map “exposure”, new experts and the addition of the pass are deadly Loyal fans return.


Under the huge change in height difference exposed to the new map, the overseas discussion forum has inspired many players to have many interesting experiences, and at the same time, BUG is still an indispensable taste.

For example, overseas players uploaded the strange physical performance of their inexplicable up and down vibrations on the chariot, or the use of drones to transport the injured away, which still brought a lot of joy to die-hard fans, and once again highlighted “Battlefield 2042” Fantastic physics engine performance.

Even if the current number of people online is less than 20% of the previous record of the highest number of people on the Steam platform, it still shows the stimulating impact of the update brought about by the unchanged content of the past 8 months, and EA claims“Rebirth Management”Whether it can be effective depends on the status of subsequent game operations.

Developed by the DICE team, “Battlefield 2042” Season 1 “Critical Moments” has been revised and debuted on June 10.

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