STEM Scholarship: Achievements of Riya Rahim at the University of Bath

2023-09-18 06:51:42

Sur: Ex-student of Sur Indian School, Oman, British Govt. Scholarship for higher studies. British Council for Higher Education at the University of Bath, UK Malappuram Vettichira Punnatta is CIL’s STEM Scholarship Riya Rahim, a native of La, deserves it. Studying MSc Data Science at the University of Bath Scholarship. Tuition Fee, Air Travel Expenses, Health Insurance, Thesis Che 50 lakhs including benefits and stipend of £1350 per month Scholarship. Research interest among girls in science and technology subjects The scholarship is organized by the British Council to raise P. Riya completed her schooling from Sur Indian School in 2019 Plus from here To complete the study. A plus in all subjects in CBSE 10th exam Irunna Riya has been selected for the fellowship of P.M. Foundation for excellence in academics. was chosen. Rhea International has excelled in extra-curricular fields as well. Mambad MES Co is a Thematics Olympiad Gold Medalist. Shesham Velloo graduated with a rank in Mathematics from Laj. Pursuing Data Science at R Institute of Technology Tathumboza is eligible for the scholarship.

This year Edin Borough, Bristol, Durham, Sheffield, Birmingham and London Quay Mary’s, St. Andrews and M.S. I have received an offer letter for studying C Data Science. University of Technology and Applied Sciences Sur Campus Communication department teacher Rahim Karingakpara and Kottayam She is also the daughter of Toppil Shahida. Rida Rahim, student of NIT, Kozhikode, Sur Indian School Your name is Risa Rahim and they are brothers.

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