Steven Yeun wins Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actor this time

2024-01-15 10:53:38

‘Angry People’ wins 4 awards including Best Picture
Also nominated for Emmy Award and Screen Actors Guild Award

▲ Korean-American actor Steven Yeun is receiving the Best Actor award for the Netflix drama ‘Angry People’ at the 29th Critics’ Choice Awards held on the 14th (local time). Santa Monica AFP Yonhap News Netflix’s drama ‘Angry People’ (originally titled ‘Beef’) swept awards at the Critics’ Choice Awards hosted by North American critics following the Golden Globes.

At the 29th Critics’ Choice Awards held in Los Angeles (LA), USA on the 14th (local time), ‘Angry People’ won Best Picture (Director Seong-jin Lee), Best Actor (Steven Yeun), and Best Actress (Allie) in the Miniseries/TV Movie category. Wong) and Best Supporting Actress (Maria Bello), winning four awards.

This award is organized by the Critics’ Choice Association (CCA), which consists of about 600 broadcast and film critics in the United States and Canada, and is divided into film and TV categories.

Steven Yeun (41) and Ally Wong (42), who received awards in the same category at the Golden Globe Awards on the 7th for this work, were also nominated for the Emmy Award and the Screen Actors Guild Award, raising expectations for winning the award.

‘Angry People’, written and directed by Korean director Lee Seong-jin, is a revenge drama between a man and a woman who get into a petty fight in the parking lot of a large supermarket. After being released on Netflix in April last year, it continued to be a box office hit, ranking in the top 10 most watched for five consecutive weeks. went.

The Critics’ Choice Award for Best Picture went to director Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer.’ ‘Oppenheimer’ swept trophies in eight categories, including Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Robert Downey Jr.), Best Acting Ensemble, Best Visual Effects, and Best Editing. The Best Actress award went to Emma Stone for ‘Poor Things’ and the Best Actor award went to Paul Giarmatti for ‘Barton Academy’. ‘Bobby’ won six awards, including Best Comedy and Best Original Screenplay.

‘The Bear’ (FX), which won Best Comedy Series in the TV category, won four awards along with ‘Angry People’.

Reporter Changsu Yoon

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