StockParty: ATP30 launches strategy for the second half of the year, focusing on cost management to support profit while studying | RYT9

Share price of ATP 30 (ATP30) has rebounded again after the announcement of the 2Q22 financial statement. Profit grew 663.45% due to increased service to existing and new customers. including a good cost control plan Supporting the operating results of the first half of the year 65, the company had total revenue of 311.88 million baht, an increase from the same period of the previous year with total revenue of 219.89 million baht and a net profit of 24.27 million baht, an increase of 53.61% from the same period of the year. before having a net profit of 11.26 million baht

While the business direction in the second half of the year remains bright. The demand for shuttle buses increased due to the increased investment in the industrial sector in the eastern region. Including management services for renting and operating electric trains with EV Me Plus Co., Ltd. and Arun Plus Co., Ltd. has received a good response. The company has a continuous increase in the number of maintenance vehicles. from the trend of increasing use of electric trains

At 3:15 p.m., ATP30 shares rose 11.56 percent to 1.93 baht, or an increase of 0.20 baht with a trading value of 74.92 million baht, opened today at 1.90 baht and reached the highest level of 2.10 baht, the lowest 1.90 baht.

Today, the show “STOCK PARTY” will take the audience to talk to Mr. Piya Techakul, Managing Director of ATP 30 Public Company Limited (ATP30), who will reveal the strategic plan in the second half of the year that will result ATP30’s business has grown strongly.

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