Xbox Series S releases more available memory for game development, and XSS will have the opportunity to gain performance improvements~

Since the launch of the next generation of home consoles, the Xbox Series S as an entry-level game console is an affordable choice for many players when they cannot buy PS5 and XSX. That said, I still hope to improve.

and according to Reported by The VergeMicrosoft announced in its June Game Development Kit (GDK) yesterday that it will provide more memory resources for game developers to use. For only 10GB of memory, you need to reserve about 2GB of memory for For the system’s XSS, squeezing out a few hundred more MB of memory seems to be expected to bring performance improvements.

while in Videos by Digital FoundryIt can also be seen in the game developers that the biggest problem in XSS game development is actually the biggest bottleneck is not the CPU or GPU, but the memory capacity.

As for the release of more memory for game developers to use this time, whether XSS can really provide players with a better gaming experience in the future, it seems that time will tell~

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