Storms, hail and strong gusts of wind near Carcassonne: the impressive images of the arcus cloud in the Aude sky

This Monday afternoon, Météo France has placed 5 departments on orange storm alert. And if thehears remained in yellow, the forecasts warned of a possible overflow of thunderstorms in the department.

It’s done this Monday evening with a stormy line between Limoux and Carcassonne described by several observers. Heavy rain, gusts of wind at 100 km/h, hail and electrical activity are on the menu. Just like this magnificent arcus cloud photographed in the Aude sky.

August 19our colleagues from La Dépêche described this fascinating spectacle: “This weather phenomenon is called an “arcus” cloud because of its arcuate shape in which several storms form. This stormy line can be up to several hundred kilometers long. On Twitter, Météo France defines the arcus as “a dense horizontal roll with more or less frayed edges, located in front of the lower part of some clouds. It takes on, when extended, the appearance of a dark and menacing arc..

Beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

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