Stray dogs that became a shield in front of the robbers of Karachi, ‘You will give him a better life.’ – Life & Style

The incidents of street crimes are increasing in Karachi, not a day goes by when the citizens are not robbed, when the incidents of tea hotels increased, the owner of a hotel hired the city’s stray dogs for his protection.

Bandits are rampant in the city, it has become difficult to sit at a tea hotel for peace. Due to increasing street crimes, a hotel owner hired stray dogs to protect the citizens.

In Karachi, 2747 motorcycles were confiscated in the first three months of this year, while more than 6,000 mobile phones were confiscated from citizens in just three months.

Chai Master, a unique tea cafe located in Defence, where armed guards as well as a team of stray dogs protect the citizens.

Haris Ibrahim, the owner of the cafe, says that stray dogs are very intelligent. We are alerted because we warn them.

The owner of the cafe claims that these dogs will never harm anyone. All dogs are vaccinated and properly trained. My oldest dog has been with me for 5 years and has yet to experience any untoward incident. No. Their names are Tails, Speedy, Snoopy, Dozer, Minnie and Buddy.

Haris says that he loves animals and often finds injured animals and takes them to the hospital for treatment.

He said that God willing, if anyone is harmed by my dogs, I will stand by you in everything from your treatment.

Regarding the training of dogs, Haris said that it is a difficult job with patience because first you have to build a relationship with the dog and make friends with it.

He said that this animal is so intelligent that it knows that it is 4 o’clock and when our shop opens, it arrives at the time to attend.

Haris said that there are four types of customers who come here, one is those who love dogs, they are happy when they come here, the other are those who are afraid, they say that if they come near us, we will leave. Thirdly, the people who harass or throw stones at them, the people who touch them are those who are afraid but want to love them. According to Harris, customers who throw stones at dogs or misbehave with them are not allowed to sit here.

Citizens who are usually afraid of stray dogs are also kind to these dogs while sipping tea.

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