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Metrobus, Trolleybus and Light Rail, with partial service

The presence of the protesters has already affected other points and avenues in which the Metrobús and Trolebús transport systems have been affected on their routes.

The Electric Transport Service of Mexico City reported that Line 7 of the Trolleybus, before the presence of demonstrators on Avenida Tláhuac, the service is provisional in two circuits:

  • Terminal CU to Lomas Estrella
  • Terminal Tláhuac to Olives

On Line 5 of the Metrobús, which passes through the Aragón area, the blockade has affected the service and this is provisional only from Río de los Remedios to Las Bombas.

Likewise, damages are reported in other points and lines of the Metrobús.

line 6

-SProvisional service only from Villa de Aragón to San Juan de Aragón and from La Villa to El Rosario.

Line 1

-No service from Deportivo March 18 to San Simón.

-No service from Manuel González to Indios Verdes.

Provisional service from Buenavista to Altavista and from Corregidora to El Caminero.

Light Rail

In the presence of protesters in Guadalupe I. Ramírez and Ejido, the Light Rail service is temporary from Tasqueña to Tepepan.

Likewise, on Line 1 of the Trolleybus, the service will be affected in North Central Terminal to Dr. Pascua and from Tasqueña to Popocatépetl, and the service is provisional from North Central Terminal to Ajusco.

Trolleybus Line 5

The closure in San Juan de Aragón and FFCC Hidalgo, affects the service in two circuits.

  • Metro Terminal Hidalgo to Tlacos via Avenida Robles Domínguez
  • Terminal San Felipe de Jesús to Tlacos via Avenida Eduardo Molina

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