Strong Leadership and Future Plans: An Exclusive Interview with Pheu Thai Leader ‘Ink’

2023-10-29 00:30:00

Opening up for the first time, “Ink” confirms that he made his own decision to sit as leader of Pheu Thai. He said that he really meant it, not just for fun. He said that he never said it anywhere. Khunying Potjaman has never banned any political positions, but is concerned and aims for Pheu Thai to be strong in the next 4 years as the party in the rankings. 1

After 27 Oct. “Miss Paetongthan Shinawatra” became the leader of the Pheu Thai Party. Ready to announce that ‘Pheu Thai’ Klum will be the number 1 party in the hearts of the people. and move forward with the ideology of connecting faith and building a strong Pheu Thai family. Strongly beside the people

As of today, 29 Oct. from At 5:00 a.m. Ms. Pae Thongthan and Khunying Potjaman Damapong attended the 9th “Walking, Running, Cycling, Preventing Paralysis” event to honor His Majesty the King at Sanam Luang.

Previously, the Thairath Group news team honored Special open-minded interview with Ms. Pae Thongthan at Pheu Thai Party after deciding to officially sit as Pheu Thai Party leader.

Sitting at the head of Pheu Thai What will the party do to make it tangible for “villagers and Thailand”?

I have to tell you this first, that is, Ink, I really don’t know what the future holds. When it comes to election day Who will our competitors be that day? But we definitely have competitors. Therefore, Ink thinks We must take away the lessons from the election contest. And we became the number 2 party, so we had to change our whole way of thinking. without changing only Ink himself But the whole party must be changed. We have to understand each other. Of course, once Ink is the leader of the Pheu Thai Party, we will do a workshop on why it is, what it is, and give it to everyone. I believe that many MPs will be disappointed, right? that cannot be in your own area which everyone is disappointed But today it is a move to continue. Everyone focuses on the government making policies for the people as much as possible. as much as possible And of course In the past, our party’s strength was in making policies successful. The timing now is the timing for completing the policy. It truly reaches the people’s hands, namely the back of the house. Right now, Ink is considered to be the back of the house. I think that Ink must prepare everyone that The policies we make are still a strength. It’s still the same, but how do we make the people feel that Such a policy will be beneficial. The people also feel like they want to choose us. Let it adapt to the modern era. Adapt to the way of thinking Adapt to communication Think communication It is another matter that must be developed. Then you have to improve it.

What are Ink’s strengths?

This one cannot be denied. It is Father (Thaksin) who founded the party, right? Therefore, Ink I consider Ink to be very lucky. Being here under the name of my father’s son is a very good starting point. and very strong Because I believe that People in the party, from the older generation or the new generation, who still greet us, “Ink” thinks that everyone still has faith in Father. When Ink came here, it was like the first inspiration. It is the first inspiration that everyone thinks of. “Hey, we’re serious.”

That is, this family, Ink, is still serious about this matter with our party. Still want to make our political party strong.

“I really intended not to become the party leader because It’s a joke. It is true that Ink thought in his head that What does Ink want to do? With Ink’s determination, we will be able to help move the party and everyone in the party together.”

Many people think of having a father and mother. What do you think behind “Ink”?

“Pae Thongthan” said, “Isn’t it a good thing?” It’s good But Ink thinks Anyone can view it as a bad thing. Ink doesn’t stick. For Ink, like his father, when he was Prime Minister, he created many works for the country. No one can deny this. And what if Ink gets Ink’s father to be Ink’s advisor? How is it not good? I don’t know either. Ink thinks it’s your intention or not. Good wishes for your country It never changes. Therefore, what position do you think Ink will be in from before? What he calls Ink’s inspiration is his determination, which was shown as a finition first. Ink also felt that it was very great since I felt like it was such an inspiration. successful And people surrounded him because they felt that this party really benefited them. This one is more than it’s real, it feels like it’s cool. Proud that he doesn’t have anything to do with things that people will consider. Father-Mother What is this last name?

Do I have to prove myself more? When we have this view

“Prove yourself more? Ink didn’t prove himself. Let someone else do Ink’s work. In the part that I think Ing did what was most beneficial to the party, so the party would continue with the country. Ink told me. We’re like watching the backyard team. The team will make it strong. Do the best for Ink himself.”

Father is in the front row, mother is always behind. Ok, “Ink” has more DNA from father and mother, or mixed together.

So what’s the deal? Mixed? (laughs) But Ying is a very strong defender. Today Khunying is still a bagger. Ink really said that The lady didn’t comment much. But when Ink encountered something in his life Ink would be very sure to have Khunying. It’s actually a certain peace of mind. This is something that’s never talked about outside. But I’ve talked to my mother. That he is safety, he is peace of mind

And Khunying Potjaman (Mother), is there a ban on being the leader of the Pheu Thai Party?

The Pheu Thai Party leader confirmed that he would not ban it. Seriously, I have never banned any position at all. Everything is a decision. But… every time he is worried.

“Will it be this one? Will it be that one? So what can you do? What I’m worried about is What is he not worried about? Who will do what, but “Are you stressed?” This is what the woman is worried about. She doesn’t know. In the past, there was no such thing as “stress.” “Depression” is he afraid that we’re stressed to the point where it’s hurting us? This is what Mrs. is most worried about. I’m not worried about what it’s like going there. But are you okay with worrying about us?”

Sitting as leader of the Pheu Thai Party How does the lady give you encouragement?

Asked the same question, are you stressed? Are you okay? “Ink” told his mother that “Ink” was ready. He told his mother that “Ink” wanted to be the leader of the party.

Many people think that no matter who becomes the leader of the Pheu Thai Party, The person who actually owns it is “Shinawatra.” What do you want to clarify?

Ink further said that this question is divided into 2 stories. The father who founded it was taken over and when he returned, “Uncle Somchai” became the leader of the party. But after that, there was no more “Shinawatra” who was the leader of the party. “Prime Minister Yingluck” will be the Prime Minister, but she will not be the leader of the party. That is, our party still pushes forward. in a big way and won the election To this day, Ink says that it is Ink’s role and duty. Because Ink has entered the party. Ink is ready. And people in the party think Ink is ready, so they think that’s the answer. Whose party does this belong to?

It shows that your mother isn’t worried about it. If you will be the Prime Minister in the future or not?

“Pae Thongtarn” continued, “How should I say this? Ink thinks that Mother is worried about becoming Prime Minister. Why is Mother worried? Because being Prime Minister It is a huge responsibility. It’s not anyone. It can be, right? Therefore, mother is definitely jealous. But when deciding all of this A mother is a person who gives many opportunities to her children. He said for sure. He worried like this, like this 1-2-3-4, but the final decision Since my school days Ink University is the one who chooses the branch. When to study abroad, when, what day? It’s all up to Ink to choose. But everything was discussed with him. That is, our family tends to care a lot about each other’s feelings, the whole family. So what are you going to do? It’s not your mother. My brother is also worried. My sister is worried. Father is worried. Especially we are the youngest. Ink believes that the little brother of every house is still the baby of the house. So it’s like that. But in reality Out of the house It is no longer like that. The decision belongs to “Ink”

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