Student Scarlett (26): Disappeared while hiking in the Black Forest | Regional

Freiburg – Scarlett (26) smiles and looks into the camera, showing which plants she found on her tour through the Black Forest.

The picture is one of the last signs of life of the young woman from Bad Lippspringe (North Rhine-Westphalia): The experienced hiker has been missing for a week. Her family is desperately looking for her, the anxious question arises: What happened?

One thing is certain: On September 4th, Scarlett S. traveled to Stühlingen (Ba.-Wü.) in the southern Black Forest. From there she wanted to hike alone over the “Schluchtensteig” (119 kilometers long) to the village of Wehr.

Five days later, on September 9th, she sent photos to her family one last time via WhatsApp. On September 10th, she was filmed by a surveillance camera in a supermarket – shortly after she left her hotel in Todtmoos.

This surveillance camera image shows Scarlett on September 10th

Photo: police

Sister Janina G. to BILD: “We’re afraid for her, we haven’t heard anything for seven days.” The family had informed the police and has now traveled to the Black Forest themselves.

Her sister says: Scarlett had previously been abroad and came back because of Corona. On the hike, she obviously wanted to enjoy the silence all by herself.

Did she have an accident?

Chief Inspector Mathias Albicker (48) to BILD: “If you leave the path on the Schluchtensteig, you end up in very difficult terrain.”

Scarlett was trained and experienced. Police, fire brigade and mountain rescue combed the region. Dogs searched Scarlett’s trail, drones and police helicopters circled over the area. Vain.

Scarlett’s sister says, “After so long, you have to fear everything.”


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