Students who are football fans practice in vehicles Students who are football fans rash driving in vehicles

Kundamangalam: In Karantur, students who are football fans are practicing in a dangerous way. The students of Markus Arts and Science College created a scary atmosphere on the ground for an hour around 3 pm on Wednesday.

They arrived in cars and bikes and drove the vehicles in a dangerous manner in the grounds and surrounding areas.

Demonstrations are held in Maidan with vehicle doors open. After that, they carried out a practice by climbing on the front, back and doors of the car with the flags of different countries. After the people informed the motor vehicle department, officials who reached the spot identified nine cars and 10 bikes with the help of CCTV footage.

The owners have been asked to produce the documents of the vehicle. Efforts are on to find out who owns the other vehicles. Officials said the driver’s license and vehicle registration will be suspended.

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