Styrene: renovation works |

The city of Wels announced yesterday that the most recent measurements of groundwater contamination in the Wels sheep meadows are “cautiously optimistic”: the styrene that entered the groundwater stream after a train accident did not spread further east.

After the accident, the chemical traveled further and further east from the scene of the accident at the Wels marshalling yard. A line of barrier wells on Uhlandstrasse should now have an effect: East of it, no limits for renovation were exceeded during measurements on April 2nd and 3rd. According to the city, compared to the previous round of measurements in mid-March, the pollutant line had retreated significantly to the west. In addition, the pollutant plume is also becoming narrower in the north and south. So far, 13,000 of the 40,000 liters of styrene that leaked have been removed.

Vice Mayor Gerhard Kroiß is pleased: “The measures taken are working.” It is important that samples continue to be taken. “ÖBB must provide quick and unbureaucratic assistance in the event of damage that has occurred to date or will occur in the future.” Ongoing updates are available online at


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