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Can it resist the Central Security?Criticizing Chen Qimai for not being a soldier

After the election, Lin Jialong will follow the “Su model” to take over as the cabinet?Su Zhenchang spit this sentence and Zheng Liwen laughed in seconds

The Legislative Yuan met yesterday (1) to conduct a general inquiry, and the President of the Executive Yuan, Su Zhenchang, led the heads of relevant ministries and committees to attend and prepare questions. Zheng Liwen, a Kuomintang legislator from the Democratic Progressive Party, showed his housekeeping skills and sent a series of sharp questions to Su; Su also not to be outdone, and repaid Zheng, a former comrade, with “golden sentences”, showing “the longest-serving court in history”. Mouth gun skills. The two sides asked about the Russian-Ukrainian war from cross-strait issues. The Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan, the Democratic Progressive Party New Taipei mayoral candidate Lin Jialong, and the People’s Party Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hongan also all “laid down their guns”, making the outside world dumbfounded and causing many netizens Hot discussion.

“Zhongshi News Network” specially sorted out the key questions and answers of Zheng Liwen (Q) and Su Zhenchang (A) as follows:

Zheng (Q): Is this the last time the President will go to the Legislative Yuan for inquiry?

Su (A): Many legislators have asked this question in the past, and some of the legislators who asked are no longer in the Legislative Yuan, but I am still standing here, so it is difficult to answer this kind of thing.

Q: Lin Jialong is willing to run for the mayor of New Taipei City. Does he plan to follow the “Su Zhenchang Model”, and if the election is good, he will come to pick him up?

A: But I chose badly at the time! Therefore, it is not because of what happened after the election. Lin Jialong and the Presidential Office have also denied this rumor, so it should be inconsistent with the facts.

Q: Will Zheng Wencan come to pick up Gekui after he resigns as mayor of Taoyuan?

A: There are many talents in the DPP, and Ge Kui is not necessarily a member of the same party, there are various possibilities. Ge Kui is a “highly expendable” seat.

Q: Chen Qimai did not join the army at all. Who would believe that he would bear the brunt and resist to the end like the mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine?

A: Jiang Wanan was not in the army either! Jiang Wanan is only 14 days old!

Q: Zheng Yunpeng went to the mainland to make a lot of money after the election, and even filled in “China” for his nationality. Isn’t this funny compared to the DPP’s “anti-China protectionist” proposition?

A: This is the form on the application for an international patent. Gao Hongan is the same!

Q: Gao Hongan was not recommended by me. What did you tell me about her?

A: Because what you are asking is “this thing”!

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