“Sudanese Crisis: Internal Matter Opposing Internationalization”

2023-05-05 13:57:56

The envoy of the head of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Ambassador Daffallah Al-Hajj, said that what is happening in his country is “an internal matter that does not require mediation,” opposing any efforts to internationalize the crisis.

Al-Hajj said in an exclusive interview with Sky News Arabia: “For us, what is happening is a rebellion, and we are going to put an end to it according to the procedures known in all countries,” adding that “the matter is internal and does not require mediation, and we do not support any ideas that may lead to the internationalization of the internal crisis.” in Sudan”.

Ethiopia Encounters

Al-Hajj added in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”:

  • I completed my scheduled meetings in Addis Ababa, which I started by meeting with the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, the President of the Republic of the Comoros in his capacity as the current Chairperson of the African Union, the Commissioner for Political Affairs of the African Union, and the Secretary-General of IGAD.
  • I spoke with the parties about the developments in Sudan due to the crisis that led to the rebellion of the Rapid Support Movement.
  • I assured them that the safety of citizens comes first, and therefore the armed forces were instructed to exercise caution during pursuit operations.

Do not communicate with the rebels

  • Al-Hajj said regarding the talk about establishing communication mechanisms with the Rapid Support Forces: “We refuse to create communication mechanisms between the parties in Sudan. We communicate with whom, with the rebels.”

He added, “We agreed to the truce out of a moral aspect towards the citizens who are suffering as a result of the crisis. The government and the Sudanese army are the only legitimate institutions, and all the officials I met agreed with me.”

A call to lay down arms in exchange for amnesty

  • Al-Hajj called on all those carrying weapons to leave him, saying: “Anyone who lays down his arms enjoys full amnesty, and may consider integrating him into the Sudanese Armed Forces.”

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