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Minnesota / 10.08.2022 22:40:02


In a game that was directed early on the North American side, the Major League Soccer (MLS) outscored the Liga MX in the Stars gamedisputed in Allianz Field of Saint Paul, Minnesota., achieving a round celebration by also having beat the Mexican team in the Skills Challenge.

Summary of the Stars match between MLS and Liga MX

Barely two minutes later the first goal of the MLSwhen the Ecuadorian Diego Palacios appeared on the left wing to hang a precise center that the Mexican finished off with a header Carlos candle.

The striker of LAFC signed the fastest goal in an All-Star of the MLS since he scored Chicharito Hernandez in 2010 in a duel between the stars of the American league and the Manchester United.

The Liga MX was looking for an answer, but they ran into a remarkable performance by the Jamaican André Blakearcher of Philadelphia Unionso the score remained 1-0 until the break.

After the break came the many changes, but the MLS continued to look superior and were even favored with a rigorous penalty that the Peruvian converted Raul Ruidíazanother old acquaintance of the Liga MX.

Kevin Álvarez discounted for Mexico

Yet Kevin Alvarez put to the Liga MX on the scoreboard with an unstoppable forehand that decorated the result, and although they tried to equalize, time was diluted.

it was again Kevin Alvarezwith a brilliant play down the right wing, to hang the center that the Argentine German Berterameof Monterreyfailed to head.

On that occasion the ambitions of the Liga MXwho had to give up after four minutes of added time.

With this the MLS rounded off their celebration, as they also prevailed in the Skills Challengemaking clear his superiority in a couple of days of total holidays.

What were the starting lineups for the All-Star Game?

Liga MX

  1. Camilo Vargas
  2. John Escobar
  3. Lisandro Lopez
  4. Hugo Nervo
  5. Brayan Angle
  6. Guido Pizarro
  7. Fernando Beltran
  8. Aviles Hurtado
  9. Luis Quinones
  10. Julian Quinones
  11. Julia Furch


  1. Andre Blake
  2. Julian Araujo
  3. Mike Zimmerman
  4. Kamal Miller
  5. Diego Palacios
  6. Darlington Nagbe
  7. Emmanuel Reynoso
  8. Sebartián Drussi
  9. Carlos candle
  10. Jordan Morris
  11. Chicharito Hernandez

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