Sumo Wrestling Tournament Day 6 Results: Tomokaze, Ilyamamoto, and Takarafuji Shine at the Top

2023-11-17 12:57:10

▽As for the new recruit Kitanowaka Ni Tomokaze, Tomokaze won in the “uchi-kake” (inside play) game, extending his win to 4 wins and 2 losses.

▽Nishikifuji against Ilyamamoto, Ilyamamoto won by “Hatakikomi”, making it 6 consecutive wins from the first day.

▽Takarafuji defeated the new entrant, Ouga, and Ouga used his “bad twist” to get the better of Ichiban.

▽Higashi Hakuryu, who is new to Kensho, is “pushed out” by Kensho.

▽ Mino, who is new to Tamawashi, is “Yorikiri” by Minoumi.

▽Ryuden won against Wang Peng with a “Yorikiri”.

▽Myogiryu is “Yorikiri” to Kotoemitsu.

▽The Mitake Sea and the Hirado Sea are “Yorikiri”.

▽Atami Fuji and the sea of ​​Sada are “Yori-kiri”.

Atami Fuji’s winning streak since the first day ended at 5.

▽The Shonan Sea is cut off by Mt. Kinpus.

▽Takashi wins with Abusaki, and Takashi wins with “Kote Nage”.

▽ Endo and Midorifuji are “Yorikiri”.

▽Kitaseiho defeated Nishikiki with a “Tsuridashi”.

▽Akio Ura won his first win of the tournament by defeating Ichiban, who was accused of “pushing down” Ura.

▽Wakamotoharu’s Aen is “Kote Nage”.

▽In the Shodai era, Daieisho was “Hatakikomi” in the Shodai era.

Daieisho fell to two losses with consecutive losses following the 16th.

▽ Kotonowaka won against Hokukatsu Fuji with a “push-out” technique, making it his 6th consecutive win since the first day.

▽Gonoyama won against Ozeki Kirishima by “Oki Oshi”.

Kirishima had 2 losses.

▽Shozaru and Ozeki Takakeisho is “sent off” by Takakeisho.

Takakeisho defended his one loss by defeating his weak opponent, Shozaru, who had lost 4 wins and 6 losses in the past.

▽Takayasu won against ozeki Toyo Shoryu with a “Komata scoop”.

Toyoshoryu suffered his first loss in this tournament on the 6th day.

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