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Reporter Cai Yifang / Comprehensive Report

Sun Sheng (real name Yu Sunsheng), a member of the YouTuber group “Anti-Bone Boys”, is loved by netizens for his lively and funny image. On the 31st, he suddenly expressed “seriously angry” on the social platform, revealing that one of his employees had sexually harassed a female colleague , bluntly said that the other party was outrageous and disappointed him, and Sun Sheng also publicly named him to remind people in the industry to pay attention.

▲Sun Sheng fought for the harassed female colleague on the 31st. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Sun Sheng-Soon)

Sun Sheng wrote in a limited-time update on the 31st: “I got really angry this time. One of our employees did something outrageous.” He revealed that the photographer in the team took advantage of the drunk female colleague to take the woman to the toilet to rub her breasts. , “Knocked on her door like a prostitute in the middle of the night.” Not only that, Sun Sheng also pointed out that after another job ended, the photographer asked his female friend to go to the hotel, “rubbed her breasts and said he wanted to have a shot. !”

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▲▼Sun Shengkong photographer sexually harassed female colleagues.  (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Sun Sheng-Soon)

▲Sun Sheng blew himself up that his employees harassed female colleagues. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Sun Sheng-Soon)

Sun Sheng said with sadness that he originally thought that the employee’s work response was good and his performance was good. However, in a short period of time, repeated sexual harassment incidents caused the victim’s emotional breakdown. “It really disappointed us!” He also publicly marked it. The employee’s IG account reminded: “This photographer, please pay attention to the industry.” The photographer’s account has now disappeared, and Sun Sheng has also deleted the name update.

▲▼Sun Shengkong photographer sexually harassed female colleagues.  (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Sun Sheng-Soon)

▲Sun Sheng publicly criticized employees. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Sun Sheng-Soon)

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