Super Bowl Logo Conspiracy! The theory that predicted the Ravens and 49ers in the final that did not come true – 2024-02-21 12:26:04

A tweet from @NFL_Memes in November sparked the debate by highlighting the supposed connection between the colors of the logo and the teams that would compete for the title. This phenomenon, which gained strength in recent editions of the event, has led some to question the authenticity of the NFL.

From Super Bowl II to XLIX, logos often reflected the host city. However, starting with the LVI, the league returned to honoring the local essence, featuring elements such as palm trees in the LVI and rock formations in the LVII. This change in the design of the logos fueled the conspiracy theory, suggesting that the visual elements were premeditated clues about the finalist teams.

Questions about the NFL’s legitimacy intensified in 2023, when former player Arian Foster claimed the league was scripted. Rumors about the outcome of Super Bowl LVII also circulated, including in advertisements, although the Chiefs ultimately emerged as the winners. These events fueled speculation and increased suspicion among fans and critics alike.

The crucial element that adds layers to this plot is the injury to key players throughout the season, sparking speculation about how it would impact the teams’ ultimate fate. However, the true narrative will be decided next weekend, where the Chiefs and 49ers will have to prove themselves to deserve the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

Let us remember that the conference finals, held recently on January 28, left Baltimore eliminated 10-7 against Kansas and Detroit also eliminated against San Francisco, 34-31, respectively.

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