The reason Prince Harry will not be able to play a temporary role in the British monarchy – 2024-02-21 12:25:08

Prince Harry will be temporarily unable to hold a royal position within the British monarchy to help his father, King Charles III, while he receives treatment for the cancer he suffers from. due to the terms agreed upon when he officially left his duties in 2020.

This was indicated this Monday, February 19, by the Telegraphwhich alludes to information that was disclosed on Sunday the 18th The Timeswhich claimed that the Duke of Sussex is willing to perform royal duties again for a time to help the sovereign while he is unwell.

Specific, The Times indicated that Harry and his father had had a “warm exchange” of messages since the king’s diagnosis was made public and the duke – fifth in line to the British throne and councilor of state – would have told his friends that He would return to occupy a royal position within the monarchy temporarily to support the sovereign.

However, the Telegraph quotes a source who recalls that the terms that Harry accepted in 2020 when, together with his wife, Meghan, he officially stepped aside from his duties as an active member of the institution, “remain in force.”

“Those terms were quite clear, and the illness of the king – 75 years old – has not altered them,” he clarifies.

Another source included by the newspaper points out that, in the palace, and according to the agreement reached at the time by the late Elizabeth II, King Charles III and the Prince of Wales (William, heir to the throne) for Harry’s departure from the institution , “it continues to be thought” that a “hybrid model” for a royal would not be appropriate.

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The information you published The Times which cited a royal source, indicated that Charles III is in favor of a reconciliation with his best son, with whom he has maintained a distant relationship in recent years, and believes that doing so will benefit the monarchy.

“On all practical levels, it makes perfect sense for the family to come together to support the king while he is ill,” he said.

In a recent interview given by the Duke to an American television program, he suggested that his father’s illness could lead to a reconciliation.

The king’s youngest son flew to London on the 6th without his wife, Meghan, or his two children, Archie, 4, and Lilibet, 2, to visit his father, with whom he met for less than an hour at the Clarence House residence before the king left for his country residence at Sandringham (eastern England).

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During that brief trip, the duke did not meet his older brother, William, Prince of Wales, and heir to the throne, with whom he barely maintains a relationship today.

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