Super Garuda Shield: Armored Combat Drill and Australia’s Deployment of Main Battle Vehicles – Latest Update and Analysis

2023-09-10 21:30:00

2023/09/11 05:30

Thousands of troops from the United States, Indonesia, Australia and other allied forces conducted an armored combat drill in the annual “Super Garuda Shield” joint exercise on the 10th. (AFP)

[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]China’s growing expansion has aroused the vigilance of many countries. As the highlight of the annual “Super Garuda Shield” joint exercise, thousands of soldiers from the United States, Indonesia, Australia and other allied forces The troops held an armored combat drill on the Indonesian island of Java on the 10th. Australia deployed main battle vehicles (MBT) overseas for the first time since the Vietnam War.

Java Island exercises armored combat capability, Australia deploys main battle vehicle overseas for the first time after Vietnam

“Super Garuda Shield” is held in multiple locations, including the waters around Indonesia’s outermost Natuna Islands in the South China Sea. The United States and Indonesia have held this annual live-fire joint exercise since 2009, and other countries have joined since the year before last. This year’s military exercise was launched on August 31 in Banyuwangi, a coastal area in East Java Province. It lasted for two weeks. Not only did it involve 5,000 people, but also a total of 19 countries participated. The scale was astonishing, including Australia, Japan , Singapore joined last year, and the United Kingdom and France are new members this year.

This year, twelve other countries, including Brunei, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, South Korea, and Timor-Leste, have sent personnel to observe.

The Associated Press reported that during the armored exercise on the 10th, the Australian army dispatched five M1A1 Abrams main tanks, and Indonesia dispatched two “Leopard-2” tanks. This is a self-guided exercise. For the first time since the Vietnam War, Australia has deployed main tanks outside its homeland.

The U.S. Biden administration has been strengthening military cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region to appease allies alarmed by Beijing’s increasing provocations in the South China Sea, which has become a battleground for the U.S.-China standoff; China views the rapidly expanding military drills as a A big threat, accusing the United States of establishing a military alliance similar to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the Indo-Pacific region.

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