Support for 25 widows from VDP/FDS families: APR-Sahel donates food

2024-04-08 09:30:16

• In the amount of more than 3 million FCFA

• With a donation of food

• Support 100 families per year

The president of the APR-Sahel, Thomas Hien, wishes to empower the widows of the VDP/FDS families (Ph. Yvan Sama)

The day of Saturday March 30, 2024 will remain unforgettable for the 25 widows of the families of volunteers for the defense of the homeland and the Defense and Security Forces (VDP/FDS) who fell for their homeland. And for good reason, they received from the Resilient Peoples-Sahel Association for Social Cohesion and Development (APR-Sahel) donations of food worth 3,500,000 FCFA. It was with indescribable emotion that the families returned to the VDP Brigade with their food supplies consisting of corn, rice and 5 liter cans of oil. Always moved, Awa Bandé, spokesperson for the beneficiaries, had words of thanks to the association. We can say thank you to all the donors. All those who make the effort to provide for the needs of widows and orphans”, she pointed out.

The special advisor, responsible for questions of social cohesion and national reconciliation of the President of the Transition, Samuel Kalkumdo, handing over a batch of food to widows (Ph. Yvan Sama)

A recognition which will undoubtedly boost the momentum of solidarity of the APR-Sahel, according to its president, Thomas Hien, who notes that this, which is also intended to be a launching ceremony of activities, materializes the implementation of this last component which aims to identify, with the help of the BVDP, thes targets, in order to concretely and in the short term, assistance to at least 100 families of fallen VDP and FDS, each year, through donations of food consisting of a bag of corn, a bag of rice and a can of oil, every quarter.

Towards school and health care

The godfather, the Commander of the BVDP, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Sawadogo, brings comfort to the widows (Ph. Yvan Sama)

Better still, Thomas Hien announces other good news which concerns the educational support of two minor children on average, i.e. 200 children to be educated per year until widows are empowered. A health kit of 5,000 FCFA per month per family, or 100 families per year. Another objective that is close to the president of the APR-Sahel is the empowerment of widows in families. In addition to all these advantages, widows of families will be introduced to income-generating activities, through adapted training. The key is to get them out of dependence and insecurity. This food delivery ceremony was enhanced by the brilliance of personalities such as the minister in charge of transport, Roland Somda, and the minister in charge of health, Dr Robert Kargougou, the sponsor, the Commander of the BVDP, Lieutenant -Colonel Thomas Sawadogo, and the special advisor, responsible for issues of social cohesion and national reconciliation to the President of the Transition, Samuel Kalkumdo. He praised the initiative of the APR-Sahel in favor of the widows of the VDP and FDS. For Samuel Kalkumdo, supporting the citizens or relieving the widow and orphan, whatever can be done must be done and will be done in due time. Being able to count on each other. Being able to support the families who need it, the loved ones of those who have fallen. This kind of action is really necessarye sustain. The godfather, the Commander of the BVDP, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Sawadogo, agreed in the same vein, emphasizing that this humanitarian and incentive work contributes to substantially reducing the difficulties endured by these widows and orphans in situations of social vulnerability. He hoped that this initiative would spread to all people of good will.


Box 1: Asupport at least 100 families of VDP/FDS widows per year

The Resilient Peoples-Sahel Association for social cohesion and the development (APR-Sahel) was born on March 5, 2024 and aims to promote the values ​​of mutual aid and solidarity. Its objective is also to contribute to the social, health, psychological, judicial and administrative support of vvolunteers for the defense of the patrie (VDP), personnel of the Forces armies nnational forces (FAN), the Forces of ssecurity i(FSI), their widows and orphans. It intends to support at least 100 families annually, to enable them to live with dignity.


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