Support for aviation during the pandemic brought in 32 million for the Confederation –

Aid to airlines during the coronavirus pandemic generated revenue for the Confederation. It brought in 32 million francs, according to the calculations of Financial Control.

Particularly affected during the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation sector benefited from support from the Confederation. Revolving credit agreements were signed in August 2020 with Swiss, with a guaranteed loan of up to 1.275 billion.

And a bond of up to 79 million francs had already been granted a month earlier to SR Technics (SRT).

Interest on loans obtained

Both SRT and Swiss pay interest on the loans obtained. A provision commission must also be paid for the unused part of the credits.

One-time participation fees were also paid at the conclusion of the contracts. And the Confederation receives revenue linked to the guaranteed share.

In total, Bern therefore recorded revenue of around 32 million francs between the signing of the contracts and the end of August 2021, indicate the controllers in their report published on Monday. They also point to weaknesses linked to the absence of a monitoring concept, and question the usefulness of the Swiss Aviation Foundation, responsible for ensuring compliance with the obligations of Swiss and Edelweiss in terms of establishment.


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