‘Suriya’ accepts ‘Industry’ to make the Prime Minister use Section 44 to close the Agra gold mine The chance of winning the case is 66%

Suriya Juangroongruangkit Minister of Industry

Suriya accepts the Ministry of Industry to urge the Prime Minister to use Section 44 to close the Agra gold mine The chance of winning the case is 66%

On July 21, at the National Assembly, there was a meeting of the House of Representatives with Mr. Chuan Leekpai Speaker of the House of Representatives chair the meeting To consider the motion to open a no-confidence debate on individual ministers under Section 151 of the Constitution, 11 people, for the third day. which is a discussion General Prayut Chan-ocha Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

Later at 20.25 Mr. Suriya Jungrungruangkit Minister of Industry Clarification of the issue of the Agra gold mine with the use of Section 44 to close the Agra gold mine that the Ministry of Industry proposes the Prime Minister to use Article 44 to temporarily suspend the mining of Agra without the use of common law Gen. Prayut carefully examined the information for almost three years before implementing Section 44 as proposed to ensure public safety. no conflicts of interest Benefit to any group As for the foreign ministry documents that protest against the use of Article 44, they are half-truths.

Suriya Juangroongruangkit Minister of Industry

Mr. Suriya explained that The document stated that If there is a need, Article 44 must be done to protect public health and the environment. In this case, an order was issued that took the public’s health into consideration. As for the Thai lawyer company, Thailand will surely lose the case. it’s not true Such a book, he proposed to the Cabinet to report the defense of the case. Assess that the Thai side has a chance of winning 66%, losing 34%, definitely not losing the case. If Kingsgate had a 100% chance of winning, the damages were 30,000 million baht, he would not come to negotiate with the Thai government. In the past, Kingsgate made a profit of 800 million baht per year. It took 38 years to get such money. If you think you will win, you won’t negotiate if you get 30,000 million baht for sure. After Kingsgate saw the Thai battle So understand what needs to be done in accordance with the new mineral law. The Agra Company therefore returned to request a license for 44 plots of land. At present, the request has not yet been filed. Still not allowed If you walk the story That doesn’t mean it’s allowed. Must see whether the survey plan is appropriate or not.

Mr. Suriya said As for the case of the Office of the Attorney General, there is a letter of objection to repeal Section 44, but the Prime Minister has not listened to it. The Ministry of Industry has never received such a letter. Miss Jiraporn Sinthuprai MP Roi Et, Pheu Thai Party (PA) brought to show the book format, probably a book sent in the agency. as a memo not official book I don’t know which committee sent it. It should be a letter to discuss in the agency that has not yet been resolved. Confirmed that the Dispute Resolution Committee had never proposed to suspend the NCPO order, while the two robbers were behind the order to resolve the issue. even though it is not a working group to solve that problem expected to mean Mr. Wisanu Krea-ngam Deputy Prime Minister and Mr. Uttama Savanayon Former Minister of Industry, having two people give advice is good for the Thai side. does not harm or interfere with anything

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