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Today’s focus:US media refers toLi KeqiangIn the optional “successor”!Xi JinpingDo you still have power? The sky in China is as red as blood one after another, and after Zhoushan is Fuzhou. The ancient book says: The severe drought, the people’s hunger, and the red land will be thousands of miles away, and there will be “self-reliant people”; what does the practice of Hong Kong Li Jiachao explain? The CCP publicly admits that it is strictly restricted from leaving the country.

My editor has been busy with a special program for the past two days and is expected to meet you tomorrow night. The editor is busy with that, so today’s program is mainly for everyone to see what I have to say, and the format will be relatively simple.

Everyone still remembers the blood-red sky that appeared in Zhoushan, Zhejiang on the evening of May 7, but unexpectedly, a blood-red sky also appeared in Fuzhou, Fujian on May 11. Last time, the blood red sky in Zhoushan was said to be illuminated by the lights of a saury boat, because the saury boat uses red lights to attract fish to gather, but no one believes that, how can a small fishing boat illuminate the sky so red, and There are also locals in Zhoushan who say that they have never seen such a scene in their life. As a result, the sky in Fuzhou, Fujian has also turned red now. Could it be that this time the saury boat was also reflected? Mainland netizens also took it more seriously, and began to dig out some historical examples and sayings to discuss this vision that is happening today. Overseas media such as NTDTV also reported on the comments of domestic netizens. Make this a hot topic.

There are many examples in history mentioned by everyone about a blood red sky incident that occurred during the reign of Chongzhen in the late Ming Dynasty.

Shaanxi’s “Hannan Xujun Zhi” records that: in the first year of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty, that is, in 1628, the whole of Shaanxi was as red as blood. It was followed by five years of famine, six years of floods, and seven years of autumn locusts. This case is also included in the “Quanshu of the Siku” of the Qing Dynasty, saying: On March 25, the first year of Chongzhen, the whole of Shaanxi was as red as blood, and it was said that this red land was also dominated by severe drought and urgent soldiers. This sentence records the same event as the above, that is, on the 25th day of the third month of the lunar calendar in the first year of Chongzhen’s ascension to the throne, the sky in Shaanxi Province turned blood-red. According to the point of view of divination, this phenomenon is called “red 眚” , which symbolizes that there will be a major drought, and there will be a sudden mutiny, and there was a rebellion in the Ming Dynasty that year. The “Hanshu·Five Elements Zhi” explains the phenomenon of “Chibi” as a symptom of “disaster of war”.

There was a strange man in the Tang Dynasty, who was also a Taoist priest who had been with Emperor Taizong for a long time. His name was Li Chunfeng. Then Li Chunfeng also has some annotations about this red celestial phenomenon in his other book “Otomi Zhan”, such as: “The scarlet air is full of blood, the image of bleeding”, and “The scarlet air is stagnant and stopped, under which There is blood of soldiers.” Or, “The red air covers the sun like blood, the drought is severe, the people are hungry, and the land is red for thousands of miles.” There is another saying: “The red air leaves the ship in the sky, and there will be no one who can stand on its own within a year.” There are other examples. And all the claims point to two things: first, the drought and the famine that followed, and second, the mutiny and the rulers are going to have an accident.

This year is the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Xi JinpingThe year to be re-elected for the third term is also a period of extremely fierce internal power struggles within the CCP, and there is also a lot of grievances among the people. Under such circumstances, in a short period of time, the sight of the blood-colored sky has appeared twice in a row along the eastern coast of China, which has to be surprising.

And recently, it is widely rumored in overseas Chinese circles that Xi Jinping was “forced” at an internal meeting and forced to “Zen”Li Keqiang, not to say that the power will be handed over immediately, but it may be officially handed over later. Because this statement is shocking enough, there is a big difference between those who believe it and those who don’t, and there is no direct evidence yet. However, speaking of it, Li Keqiang was indeed Hu Jintao’s favorite successor, but in the end it was Xi Jinping who took over the baton.

Today, we are not talking about the “rumor” that is circulating, but want to say two points. First, before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is not surprising that there are any “rumors”, because we have already said in the program that this kind of news war, “information war”, and public opinion war will inevitably be staged before the CCP’s supreme power is handed over. It’s true, false and frightened, it has always been the case; secondly, regardless of whether Li Keqiang and Xi Jinping have reached any power agreement, it is true that the top CCP officials have been a little different from usual recently. Even the leading American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal ”, they all got excited, and on May 12, they took Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang together.

The Wall Street Journal reported that he had received information from advisers close to the CCP’s decision-making level and CCP government officials, saying that the CCP was in serious economic difficulties, and that Li Keqiang had recently “reactivated” and had become a senior CCP leader for nearly a decade. See, a “balancing force” under Xi Jinping. At least two important aspects of Li Keqiang’s performance have attracted people’s attention. First, he recalled some policy measures that led the CCP to stay away from the West and caused the Chinese economy to slow down. Affected by this, there are signs of deregulation, including the real estate industry and the regulation of technology companies; second, in Xi Jinping While shouting to insist on dynamic clearing, Li Keqiang did not mention it at all, but kept playing the economic card and wanted to develop the economy. In his recent meeting with some big business owners, Li Keqiang also emphasized “economic development”.

These two points have caused the outside world to take a few more glances at the CCP premier who has been under the eyes of Xi Jinping for many years as a weak scholar.

An editor of the publication “China Leadership Watch”, named Pei Minxin, said it very vividly. He said that Li Keqiang was a “non-existent” figure at the beginning. His statement was very vivid, but he said that now, Li Keqiang is showing become more and more prominent. Including this year, there have been more and more opportunities for Li Keqiang to make headlines in CCP newspapers. “Surprise news

And the Wall Street Journal report we just mentioned even mentioned that the CCP Party School has received a lot of feedback recently. Many people are worried that Xi Jinping puts ideology above the economy, and dissatisfaction with Xi Jinping is growing. Sources within the system Said that at the Beidaihe meeting this summer, Xi Jinping and some senior political leaders of the CCP will decide the list of the new Politburo Standing Committee members, and Li Keqiang, 66, is trying to identify himself the “successor” of the prime minister. The popular candidates are Wang Yang and Hu Chunhua, and Xi Jinping’s favorite prime minister, “Li Qiang”, was seized by political opponents because of the extreme chaos of Shanghai’s “clearing”, and they wanted to fiercely block his superior. Of course, Xi Jinping also has other candidates, such as “Chen Min’er”.

No matter who the two factions choose, the law of the CCP’s internal struggle is that once whoever becomes a popular successor, his scandal will be thrown out in various forms at home and abroad, playing the card of public opinion, in order to fight for the position of the people Victory, but in the final analysis, “black eats black”. After so many years of shuffling the CCP’s personnel, there is nothing good between the two factions, who will go up and who will go down, and no matter how lively the war of public opinion and breaking news is fought, it will not affect the final result of the sinking of the rotten ship of the CCP.

Of course, regarding the current situation of Xi and Li, some analysts said that the two were just co-starring in a play, Xi sang a red face, and Li sang a white face.

Perhaps, the above two statements, whether it is Xi-Li confrontation or Xi-Li acting, are neither completely right nor completely wrong. There may be some form of rivalry between Xi and Li, but the overall fundamental purpose is to protect the party, and the rivalry between the two is nothing more than a battle for the CCP’s personnel positions before the CCP’s general election, and it is also a natural manifestation of “infighting.” It conforms to the historical laws of the CCP. And Xi Jinping’s left-leaning policies, at least for now, are still dominant in mainland China.

For example, in addition to the zero-clearing policy that continues everywhere, an incident in Hong Kong has also attracted public attention. As soon as Li Jiachao took office as the chief executive, on May 11, he arrested Cardinal Chen Rijun, the emeritus bishop of the Vatican Catholic Church in Hong Kong, as well as the star “Ho Yunshi” who was active during the anti-extradition period, on the grounds that they participated in The “612 Humanitarian Relief Fund” that financed Hong Kong protesters was labelled a “rebel” by the CCP. Although they were quickly released on bail, perhaps their troubles, and Hong Kong’s troubles, did not end there. Li Jiachao, the first chief executive of Hong Kong who was born in the police, once came up, he gave the remaining people in Hong Kong who embraced freedom and democracy, a disgrace, who is this for? This incident in Hong Kong reflects that Xi Jinping’s policy towards Hong Kong is still continuing, and he has found an “agent” no less than Carrie Lam.

In addition, the nationwide tightening of exit controls is a continuation of the authorities’ left-leaning line.

In our last episode of the program, we noticed that people from all over mainland China generally report that the border is difficult, and even those who enter the country will be questioned about what they have done when they go abroad, and they will not be able to go abroad in the future. Passport is invalid.

On May 12, the CCP’s Immigration Administration officially notified through WeChat, which clearly conveyed “Xi Jinping”‘s speech on continuing the “clearing” policy. Therefore, the CCP’s Immigration Administration, on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control, Strictly implement strict and strict entry and exit policies, restrict the so-called “non-essential” exit activities of Chinese citizens, and strictly approve and issue exit and entry documents.

Then you talk about epidemic prevention. It’s always okay for people to go abroad and not come back. That’s not okay. The policy clearly states that you are not allowed to go abroad easily. One is that there is not enough leeks, so people are not allowed to run away; the other is that people are free as soon as they go abroad. Once they are free, they can do anything. The CCP is afraid.

You say hold it back in the country, you don’t let people go to the streets, for fear of being a carrier of the virus; if you want to fly far away, you still stop it, what do you think people will do if you ask people to do so. Recently, the Shanghai police came to take a young so-called “closely connected” couple out of quarantine, but the couple refused. The police threatened to punish you if you didn’t go to quarantine, and it would also affect three generations of your family. What did the husband answer, saying: This is our last generation.

This sentence has also become the strongest “scream” uttered by the bloody Chinese who have no love for life under the power of the contemporary era. “Surprise news

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