“Heroic Security Guard Saves Jumping Girl, Faces Blame from Ungrateful Family: The Untold Story”

2023-05-03 21:45:00

The security guard picked up the girl who jumped off the building with bare hands, but the family members choked on her: you are responsible for your daughter. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Qu Yan, a security guard in Jilin Province in mainland China, recently became the focus of news because he rescued a girl who jumped from upstairs. He rushed forward without hesitation and caught the girl with his own body. He did not hesitate to suffer multiple fractures. and the cost of spinal injuries. Unexpectedly, instead of thanking Qu Yan for his life-saving grace, the family members of the child accused him of being irresponsible, and even vehemently said, “You are responsible for my daughter’s affairs.” His indifferent and unreasonable attitude caused criticism from the outside world.

According to comprehensive land media reports, Qu Yan is a security guard at a hospital in Jilin. On the day of the incident, he received an order from his superiors that a girl on the fourth floor of the hospital was about to jump off the building, and he needed to go to maintain order and help rescue people. Qu Yan was a warm-hearted person, so he rushed to the scene immediately. Unexpectedly, the girl might be stimulated, and suddenly jumped down from downstairs. Qu Yan was seriously injured.

After a hospital examination, Qu Yan had multiple fractures all over his body. Although his injuries improved after treatment, the hospital stopped taking the medicine because he had no money to pay the fee. He was in agony every day. Not only that, but the leaders of the unit were unwilling to bear Qu Yan’s treatment expenses. The girl who was rescued even left without saying hello, and did not even leave her contact information. Her family even retorted, “We didn’t let you My son saved my child, this is what your son volunteered to save.”

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What is exaggerated is that the girl’s mother also said during the interview, “My child is disabled. If anything happens to my child, you are also responsible! You have to bear the responsibility for the rest of your life.” What is gratifying is that now Qu Yan is relying on the money donated by the local love association to refill the medicine, but fortunately, he can barely sustain his life. Qu Yan, who learned all this, shed tears while lying on the hospital bed, which made people feel distressed.

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