Shocking Domestic Violence Incident: Ms. Yang’s Horrifying Ordeal

2023-12-17 06:45:29 Ms. Yang’s lumbar spine was broken by her domestic violence husband, and she was stabbed by her husband with a kitchen knife when she was hospitalized. (Picture/extracted from Star Video) A shocking incident of violence recently occurred in Guizhou, China. A 55-year-old woman surnamed Yang was subjected to domestic violence by her husband … Read more

Baby Girl Nokasi’s Suspected Nanny Abuse Case Sparks Outrage in Malaysia

2023-11-19 08:03:18 A 4-month-old baby girl in Malaysia, Nokasi, is suspected of being abused by her nanny. (Image/reproduced from pexels) Malaysia’s 4-month-old baby girl Nokasi was suspected of being abused by her nanny. In an interview with the media, her father Mohd Farizwan pointed out that he received a call from the 25-year-old nanny at … Read more

Stress fracture: when the bone says stop! – In the news

2023-11-17 12:17:02 November 17, 2023 Unlike “classic” fractures, so-called “fatigue” fractures do not appear following an impact. The fatigue in question concerns a bone that is very (too) stressed and manifests itself as an injury reminiscent of a partial or complete fracture. Also called stress or strain fractures, fatigue fractures are quite common. It represents … Read more

Kuwaiti Player Ali Zankawi’s Heroic Act at Hangzhou Asian Games: Helping Injured Referee to Stop the Bleeding

2023-10-02 01:54:21 Kuwaiti player Zanqawi helped the injured referee stop the bleeding. (Photo/Dazhi/ An accident occurred during the track and field event of the Hangzhou Asian Games on September 30. Kuwaiti player Ali Zankawi accidentally missed during the hammer throw final, and the hammer hit the calf of Huang Qinhua, a 62-year-old referee on the … Read more

Miraculous Survival: 4-Year-Old Boy’s Incredible Fall from 26th Floor

2023-09-15 03:08:42 Boy miraculously survived after falling from 26th floor. (Picture/reproduced from Jiupai News) A 4-year-old boy in Jishou, Hunan Province, mainland China, imitated the plot of a cartoon three months ago and unexpectedly jumped from the 26th floor with an umbrella. He suffered multiple fractures throughout his body and fell into a coma on … Read more

“12 weeks of total displacement, what should I do”… Orphan, hospitalized with sacral fracture

2023-09-08 05:27:00 Actor Go Ah-seong suffered a sacral fracture and was injured for 12 weeks. On the 8th, Go Ah-seong posted a picture of her hand with the background of the hospital along with the words “12 weeks of total replacement, what should I do” on her SNS. Offline – SBS News Fans continued to … Read more

Preventing Osteoporosis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options for Better Bone Health

2023-08-14 07:30:00 According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), it is found that osteoporosis It is the second highest public health problem in the world after heart disease and vascular disease. in accordance with the data of ‘International Osteoporosis Foundation’ found that 80-90% of the Thai population at risk of developing osteoporosis has … Read more

Alarming Accident Leaves Alderman of Dison with Open Fracture: Recovery and Incapacity Expectations

2023-07-22 11:54:08 Big fright for an alderman of Dison who ends up with an open fracture: “I can’t move much yet” An operation, a long period of rest to observe and probably several weeks of incapacity within the framework of his work. We can say that the last bike ride of Stephan Mullender, alderman of … Read more