Surprising Success: Rodrigo Sepúlveda on Mega’s Morning Slot Triumph with ‘Mucho Gusto’ and ‘Meganoticias Alerta’

2023-09-09 03:07:19

Rodrigo Sepúlveda claims to be surprised and happy at the success of the morning slot that Mega has achieved with its programs “Mucho Gusto” and “Meganoticias Alerta”.

The journalist and host of this news program comments on this satisfactory fact in conversation with Page 7.

“I risk my life on every newscast and so does the team. We do it with a lot of love, a lot of passion, there is a lot of energy so that those three hours on air are the best on Chilean television in our space,” she assured.

Likewise, regarding the atmosphere at the television station, Sepúlveda indicates that “there is tremendous support from the channel, there is no pressure, we work happily, listening to the people, trying to make it a community, so for me it is a pleasure to do ‘Alerta ‘”.

“I never thought that people would be so engaged, regardless of the day, they are always with us and that is a blessing,” he said gratefully.

Meanwhile, the communicator appreciated the arrival of Gustavo Huerta to Mega’s sports area: “I think it’s great, he is a tremendous journalist and a good person.”

“He joins the sports block of the week, we are going to play qualifying matches, he is going to narrate, I am going to comment, so we hope to make a tremendous duo. At FOX we did many newscasts and we know each other by heart,” Rodrigo highlighted.

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