“Surprising twists in Messi’s potential move to Saudi Arabia: Al-Ittihad emerges as a strong contender”

2023-05-21 20:48:27

Everyone talks about Messi joining Al Hilal, but surprises are possible!

It is never hidden from anyone that the responsible authorities in Saudi Arabia are seeking to include Lionel Messi in one of the Roshen League clubs, and there is no talk in the local and international media except about Al Hilal and that he is the most prominent candidate for contracting with the world champion.

Al-Hilal seems really the most likely, and for many factors, to include the Argentine jewel, but surprises remain strongly incoming, and the possibility of another club entering the negotiation line is not completely excluded, especially when it comes to the federation.

Al-Nasr already included Cristiano Ronaldo, and Al-Ahly’s situation never helps him to conclude such a global deal, while Al-Shabab does not enjoy the necessary advantages for that step on the part of the Paris Saint-Germain star, so Al-Ittihad remains the only candidate to compete with Al-Hilal for the major deal.

Some may see that Al-Ittihad does not have any chance against Al-Hilal, but I believe that there are 4 reasons that are fully capable of persuading Messi to give preference to the dean at the expense of the leader and sign for him, we review them together ..

1- The current circumstances and the crowning of the league championship

There is no doubt that Al-Ittihad is currently living in much better conditions than Al-Hilal, as the team is close to winning the Saudi League and is completely stable from the technical and administrative side and includes many distinguished players.

Messi, when he left Barcelona, ​​moved to the French champion, and he might prefer that his next step be the Saudi champion and refuse the third or fourth place.

And let’s not neglect Walid Al-Faraj’s statement today that the league champion will have great elemental support next season.

2- Participation in the Club World Cup

The Saudi League champion this season will participate in the next edition of the Club World Cup, which will be organized in Saudi Arabia, and if Al-Ittihad succeeds in winning the title, it will add a new temptation for Messi to sign for him instead of Al-Hilal, who will not play in that edition of the Club World Cup after losing the AFC Champions League final.

Messi’s presence in the Club World Cup will bring him closer to the global atmosphere he is accustomed to, and will make the lights shine on him strongly, even for several days during the tournament.

3- The audience and its amazing atmosphere in the Al-Ameed stands

The football player is like an actor on the stage, he likes to present what he is good at in front of an audience that greets him and enjoys him, and here you will not find in Saudi Arabia better than the Al-Ittihad audience to play in front of.

The Al-Ittihad fans this season set an example for everyone in how to support the team, and that amazing atmosphere in the team’s stands inside and outside Jeddah is enough to convince any big star to sign for the dean, even if the alternative is a club the size of Al-Hilal, especially since the blue fans do not provide the same support and relatively refrain from attending matches. .

4- Staying away from direct competition with Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi fought for many years a violent direct struggle with Ronaldo, when they were playing for Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Clasico confrontation had a different taste with their presence, and despite the beauty of that competition, it put a lot of media, psychological, mental and public pressure on the players.

Messi may prefer not to return to that direct conflict, not to live that atmosphere again in the Riyadh derby. Being in Al-Ittihad will somewhat distance him from that direct conflict instead of living it daily if he plays in Riyadh alongside Ronaldo.

5- Challenge Asia with the Union

Al-Hilal won the AFC Champions League twice in the last four years and lost the final this season, so Messi’s achievement of the title will not be something new and great for Al-Hilalians, but it will be the same for Al-Ittihad, which has been away from the title since 2005.

The challenge of winning the Champions League with Al-Ittihad will be beautiful, fun and strong for the world champion, and that may convince him to play for the dean instead of Al-Hilal .. Perhaps he will compare her moment to what Maradona did with Napoli in Italy.

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