Survival Horror Game Lost Signal SIGNALIS Announces SIGNALIS on Steam This Fall – Bahamut

Independent game publisher PLAYISM announced that the survival horror game “lost signal(Tentative translation, SIGNALIS)” will be available on the Steam platform this fall.

Officially, thelost signal is a nerve-wracking story set in a beautiful world filled with action that can’t be let down. In this game, players will play the role of Elster, a clone technician looking for lost dreams, explore this retro sci-fi dystopian world, survive the threat of attackers, and unearth the hidden secrets and truths of the planet.

Game Story Description Duplicant technician Elster wakes up alone and finds himself in a spaceship that has crashed on a snow-covered frontier planet. The driver, Ariane Yeong, is missing. In order to keep the important promise made with her, Elster decides to set off to find Yeong. She entered a huge, eerie hole in the ground, where she saw the ruins of a government re-education center. The horrors of the past hidden in this facility began to bring back memories and hallucinations for Elster, making a huge change in the original rescue operation.

The official pointed out that the development team is deeply influenced by classic horror games, it can be said that “lost signal” is a love letter to these classics. It has the classic core elements of these horror masterpieces, with a disturbing atmosphere, a multi-layered storyline and numerous puzzles, such as deciphering codes, adjusting radio signals and synthesizing items, all of which require players to solve.

In this game, choosing to fight is the last resort. Given the limited attack methods and powerful enemies, players need to make an informed decision about whether to fight.

PC《lost signalwill be available on Steam this fall.

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