“Surviving Koh-Lanta: Recaps, Updates, and Exclusives”

2023-05-16 21:28:00

Last week, Koh-Lanta left viewers hungry with a compelling teaser. After being eliminated from the council, Clémence and Esteban, whose destinies were crossed, find themselves face to face for a duel allowing the winner to rejoin the adventure. “I measure the chance of being able to return to the adventure”, says Clemence. But, unfortunately, the young woman fell, this time, on a much stronger opponent. Esteban wins the event and will soon join his comrades.

The adventurers still in contention rub shoulders with the stressful test of rocking tables. Upon winning, Laura receives the talisman and becomes untouchable at the next council. By losing, Tania leaves with one more vote against her.

To everyone’s surprise, Denis Brogniart announces that the famous council will take place immediately. Each adventurer is asked to write the name of the person he wishes eliminated on a ballot. Laura gives up the talisman’s power to Quentin, making him untouchable. This is the third time that the carpenter has been protected by the strategic weapon during a council.

With five votes against her, Tania, whose torch has been extinguished, is however, as Denis Brogniart points out, simply “ousted from the adventure” and not eliminated. Then comes Esteban, facing whom she will play a duel at the end of which the winner will see his adventure continue. “I will show them that I am really very complicated to eject from the game”, then launches Tania who argues that Esteban are nicknamed the “Holy fire phoenix”.

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The episode ends with the victory of the dietician against Esteban during a balance test. “My Koh-Lanta is a roller coaster“, she said, hiding all the same a little her joy out of respect for her partner, definitively eliminated from the adventure. “I am sad but happy at the same time. It’s a panel of all these feelingsconfides however the latter who hopes that his children will be “proud” about him and his journey.

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