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Reporters report the death of Glenn Hirsch, a 51-year-old man suspected of murder by gun shooting at a food delivery attendant at a New York Chinese restaurant. This was caused by his dissatisfaction with the restaurant giving too little duck sauce on the menu that he ordered. And later there was a person who named this case that ‘Nam Rad Duck Case’

Yesterday (5 Aug 2022) Hirsch did not appear at the court as scheduled. A sheriff’s office worker examined the signal from a tracker worn on his ankle. Which shows that Hirsch is still at home.

But when officers went to inspect his home, Hirsch was dead. with obvious wounds It’s a self-shooting gun. They also found a broken letter. but no details have been disclosed to the press.

Hirsch is a murder suspect. Yan Ziwen A 45-year-old Chinese rider who was a food delivery worker at a Chinese restaurant ‘Great Wall’ on April 30, 2022 was accused of secretly following Yan around town before walking in. Find it and then shoot the opponent in the chest one time, causing Yan’s death.

Hirsch’s lawyer, Arthur Adiala, said he had made last contact with his client. On Wednesday, Aug. 3, which Hirsch still insisted that he was innocent. and he was afraid that he would be staged to be held accountable.

Meanwhile, the New York prosecutor’s team released a statement saying: The team wants Hirsch to go to court to face a legal trial for murder. Yan Ziwen with more scrutiny, but it was clearly now impossible. Once again, he expressed his condolences to Yan’s family that the head of the family had died without any reason.

Prosecutors accused Hirsch of harassing the restaurant where Yan worked for months before the incident. Starting in November 2021, when he expressed his dissatisfaction with receiving too little ‘Nam radd duck’ after ordering food.

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Hirsch wants to return the food and ask for a refund. But the store declined for sanitary reasons during the coronavirus pandemic and added water for him, but Hirsch was still very dissatisfied. and started to harass the shop regularly By sneaking in and destroying the owner’s property and car. He also threatened to kill the family of one of the store’s employees.

On the night Yan died, surveillance cameras on the premises captured Hirsch’s passing by seven times, and when Yan left the restaurant for a meal at 9:30 p.m., Hirsch. followed him and shot him to death.

After being arrested by the police, Hirsch placed a bail of $500,000 if the court found him guilty of the charges in the case. He will face the maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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