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Yingge gravel car “murder-style right turn” run over the knight’s horror monitor video exposure

A fatal car accident occurred at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Dahu Road in Yingge District, New Taipei City today (6) at 2 pm. A gravel truck collided with a locomotive that was also turning right when turning right. He was seriously injured and died, and the surveillance video at the intersection was exposed. After the incident, the alcohol test for the gravel truck was 0. He was brought back by the police for questioning.

Facebook “Reporter’s Breaking News” shared the video of the incident. At that time, the knight was riding on the outer lane and was about to turn right into the corner. A gravel truck behind him was also preparing to enter the right corner. Afterwards, the knight was caught under the car. The male knight, Xu Nan, suffered severe head injuries on the spot and was unable to breathe and heartbeat. The public immediately called the police and sent the doctor to the hospital, but the knight still died.

It is understood that 42-year-old Lai Nan was driving a business gravel truck along Zhongshan Road, Yingge District, turning right to Dahu Road. When turning, he did not pay attention to the locomotive riding in the same direction in front of him. The 39-year-old Xu Nan was riding at high speed. When he got under the car, Xu Nan suffered a severe head injury, and he had no breathing and heartbeat on the spot. Officers came to the scene to collect evidence and review the monitor screen, and tested Lai Nan for alcohol on the spot.

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