Suspended prison sentence for three soldiers, four others released at the trial of the death of Jallal Hami, drowned during a hazing in Saint-Cyr

“Thank you for betraying my brother once again.  You disappointed me ”, reacted the brother of the victim, Rachid Hami.

“Appeasement decision” for defense, “Betrayal” for the civil party: the criminal court of Rennes condemned, Thursday, January 14, a soldier and two former soldiers and released four others, for the drowning, in 2012, of Jallal Hami, student officer of the school of Saint- Cyr Coëtquidan (Morbihan).

The heaviest sentence, eight months suspended, was imposed on Hugues Delvolve, who was “Colonel of the guards”, one of the most senior officials of «Bahutage» tragic. An eighteen-month suspended prison sentence had been requested against this 30-year-old man, now a farm worker.

Captain Marc Assier de Pompignan, 31, who was elected responsible for the promotion (“System father”) and had recognized his responsibility in the drama, he was sentenced to six months suspended prison sentence, less than the requisitions (twelve months suspended).

Finally, the former battalion commander Hervé Wallerand, 49, in charge of the pupils of 2e year at the material time and now a private executive, was also sentenced to six months suspended prison sentence. The prosecution had requested two years suspended against him. The four other defendants were released.

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” You have disappointed me “

“For those found guilty, we examined their involvement, from the design of the workshop for the transmission of traditions to the execution of this workshop”, explained the president of the tribunal, Alain Kerhoas, trying to summarize a “46 page judgment”.

“Marc Assier de Pompignan and Mr. Delvolve were there from start to finish. As for Mr. Wallerand, we considered that he was aware of the risk and that he had committed a serious fault, in particular the lack of control, that he had voluntarily closed his eyes “, detailed the president. “I recall that in order to find the defendants guilty, it was necessary to determine not only a fault, but a serious fault: it is the text that requires it”, added the magistrate, to explain the four acquittals.

« Monsieur ! », the victim’s brother, Rachid Hami, then questioned him. “Thank you for betraying my brother once again. You have disappointed me. ” A little later, Mr. Hami denounced a “Ridiculous quantum of sentences for a life”, adding that “These hearings and this judgment” left him ” a bitter taste “. He finally said he hoped that the prosecutor, Philippe Astruc, would appeal the judgment.

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A “transgression” on “poorly controlled testosterone background”

In his indictment at the end of November, Mr. Astruc compared the incriminated facts to a “Berezina”, a “Madness”, a « transgression » sure “Poorly controlled testosterone background”. He had requested sentences ranging from three months to two years in prison suspended against six of the defendants, and an acquittal, that of General Francis Chanson, at the time in charge of the training of the school. For its part, the defense had pleaded the release of six of the seven officers prosecuted.

“It was a tough legal battle, but it is absolutely not a victory for anyone, because we will all have at first thought the memory of this boy who died”, reacted Me Lionel Béthune de Moro, whose client was relaxed, greeting a “Appeasement decision”. “It’s a decision we were waiting for and hoping for”, abounded Me William Pineau, lawyer for General Chanson. “But it’s still a human drama”, he added.

A brilliant young student, very athletic, Second Lieutenant Jallal Hami, 24, drowned in the night of October 29 to 30, 2012 during an activity of “Transmission of traditions”, a kind of hazing that does not say its name.

On the theme of the Allied landing in Provence, the new students had to swim across a pond, at night, over a distance of 43 meters, with helmets and rangers, in water at 9 ° C. All throwing themselves into the water at the same time, to the sound of Valkyrie, of Wagner, many students had found themselves in difficulty, drinking the cup, clinging to each other in a traffic jam of swimmers. Buoys had been launched by the organizers to root out the students, before Jallal Hami, who left during the 2e vague, or reported missing.

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