The new series that revolutionizes ultra-thin design and the selfie camera

For a long time, technology companies focused their efforts on manufacturing phones to overcome the threshold of capabilities and utilities. without thinking about your hardware. For this reason, cell phones began to weigh more and be bigger without needan act that caused dissatisfaction among its consumers. To solve this, companies have had to change their … Read more

On this day – Iakovos Kampanellis: December 2, 1921 – 2024-03-31 01:48:34

I started every morning from Georgiou Olympiou, passed Koukakiu square, took Orlof, reached Mouson and from there I climbed vertically up the hill of Filopappos to the monument. There after taking a brave break and traveling my gaze as far as Piraeus, Hymettus and the entire Attic basin I slowly descended to the opening of … Read more