Manolidou is revelatory for Georgiadis [Βίντεο] – 2024-03-23 10:49:13

In fact, the couple referred to the countless times that some people tried to tarnish their personal and family life. “Generally, I don’t answer, I leave them and they pass. They say, they say, they say and I don’t answer. But then Adonis called me and said “you have to say something because they think … Read more

Georgiadis for Kasselakis: Flattery that he didn’t go to ND because of that 2024-03-04 19:58:45

“Stefanos Kasselakis revealed today that he did not come to New Democracy because of my presence as its Vice President… I thank him warmly, I did not expect such great flattery, I confess!”, wrote Adonis Georgiadis. THE@skasselakisrevealed today that he did not come to@neademokratiabecause of my presence as its Vice-President… I thank him very much … Read more

What Adonis Georgiadis says to ET 2024-03-03 03:07:28

With the institutionalization of the prescription of medical cannabis on the one hand and with the prohibition of all products containing the substance HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) on the other, limits and rules are introduced. On February 15, a special code for the administration of medicinal cannabis to Greek patients was activated in the electronic prescription of … Read more

Georgiadis for afternoon surgeries: From 300-2,000 euros 2024-02-21 14:27:35

“We are not privatizing the NHS. Anyone would be a fool to think we don’t need the NHS. Our purpose is to strengthen the NHS and strengthen its public character. We love the NHS, that’s why we take care and that’s why we work”, Mr. Georgiadis made it clear from the beginning of his position. … Read more