The secrets of the longevity of Roman concrete revealed by a scientific study

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted 5 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago Aerial view of the Pantheon square in Rome in May 2022. A prodigy of ancient architecture, the monument remained for several centuries the building with the largest dome in the world. Filippo MONTEFORTE / AFP ARCHEOLOGY – Researchers at MIT have highlighted … Read more

In Caen, the counterfeiters of a priceless ancient currency unmasked

At the origin of the illicit reproduction of a very rare aureus dated mid Iis century BC. BC, two men were tried before the criminal court. Justice gave them back their coins. Two men aged 66 and 48 were tried on Thursday January 6 for counterfeiting and complicity in counterfeiting at the Caen Criminal Court. … Read more

Ancient Chinese emperor’s mausoleum found near Xi’an

ARCHEOLOGY – Archaeologists from Shanxii province claim to have found Han Wendi’s burial (IIe s. av. AD), near the ancient capital of Chang’an, the Rome of classical China. The emperor did not rest in the solid flanks of the mountains bordering Xi’an, in central China, but on the edge of the ancient capital of the … Read more

Egyptians with a golden tongue unearthed from a necropolis of the ancient Oxyrhynchus

ARCHEOLOGY – Dated from Roman times, three burials have provided researchers with new specimens of golden amulets, in vogue in the last centuries of ancient Egypt. In golden silence, they had spoken the language of the dead for centuries. Discovered this fall, three ancient Egyptians buried in Roman times contained, in the secrecy of their … Read more

Death of Jean-Marie Rossi, one of the last great antique dealers in Paris

DISAPPEARANCE – In more than half a century, this autodidact has built an empire of antiques at Place Beauvau. Beyond the eighteenth century, this discoverer pushed back through the ages, to the contemporary. He passed away at 91. It was one of the last great antique dealers on the Place de Paris. One of those … Read more

They discover ring that could be manufactured to “prevent hangover”

“Many virtues have been attributed to this gem, including the prevention of the side effect of the drink, the hangover,” said researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority, who made the finding. In the huge excavation carried out in Yavne a spectacular gold ring with a purple stone – an amethyst crystal – embedded in an … Read more