Junior: a list that became a ‘crusher’ of technical directors

The era of ‘July X’in a project that gave the impression that it was running out of gasoline sooner than expected, due to the many contradictions that Comesaña was throwing along the way, especially in the last 15 days. And it is that Julio Avelino himself began to suffer what happened to his predecessors. Little … Read more

Barranquillera Sofía Osío Luna is the new Miss Colombia 2022-2023

On stage and dressed for the gala, the flowing shapes of her dress in timeless silhouettes and her merits during the pageant season earned her the crown. The barranquillera, of 22 years, is a professional in Marketing and Fashion Communication from the European Institute of Design in Barcelona. Among her short-term plans is to create … Read more

NASA detects more than 50 “super emitters of methane gas” that pollute the atmosphere

An orbital instrument of the space agency NASA identified in central Asia, Middle East and the southwest of USA more than 50 installations and equipment “super emitters” of methane gas that pollutes the atmosphere. The Investigation of Mineral Dust Sources on the Earth’s Surface (EMIT) instrument was installed on the International Space Station in July. … Read more

“Tropical wave could become a depression in the Caribbean Sea”: CNH

The National Hurricane Center (CNH), in its most recent bulletin on Wednesday afternoon, reported that there is a 40% probability that a tropical depression will form in the Caribbean Sea in 5 days. For now it is a tropical wave, but the warm waters of the sea favor it to reach the state of depression. … Read more

“It is clear that it was a massacre”: Manuel Turizo on October 12, 1492

The Monterian Manuel Turizo, who these days achieves worldwide success with his song ‘La bachata’, generated controversy among his followers after the statements he delivered to the famous program “Los 40” in Spain, which is presented by the journalist Karin Herrero. The interpreter generated all kinds of reactions when he referred to thorny issues such … Read more

A soccer player died in a traffic accident: they blame the club for not hiring a bus

Juliana Gomez He was 20 years old, played soccer in the Third Division of Argentina and died in a road accident when he was returning from playing a game in a private car. His teammates accused the Argentine club of Merlo for the “negligence” of “not wanting to hire” a bus and denounced the conditions … Read more