‘Asthma’ vulnerable to cold air, 10 questions 10 answers [코/목/귀 상담소]

O-Jin Kwon, an otolaryngologist, and Hidak are working together. [코/목/귀 상담소]. Hidak counselors will answer all your questions about nose, throat, and ear-related diseases. Asthma is a typical seasonal respiratory disease. If you are an asthma patient, you should take extra care as your symptoms get worse in the weather with large temperature and humidity … Read more

Eczema Relief in Young Children: The Drug is Safe and Effective

Paller said that dupilumab can effectively treat the immune systems of these children with eczema, reduce their series of allergic problems, and improve their lives; situational photo. (Picture taken from photAC) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Eczema is a kind of dermatitis that can make the skin red, dry and itchy, seriously affecting the lives of patients and … Read more

‘Eel’, which cannot be missed on lucky days, is poisonous to the body… 4 precautions when ingesting

Eel, which is counted as a stamina food, is one of the most popular health foods on lucky days. Since eel is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are unsaturated fatty acids, it is good for restoring energy and preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. In addition, vitamin A (retinol), … Read more

Skin allergy rash, nuisance, Chula doctors recommends how to take care of skin health

“Skin atopic dermatitis patients are increasing” continues, Chula doctors recommend patients and their relatives to understand the cause of the disease that can not be completely cured. focus on adaptation Reduce the behavior of living with air conditioning and stress Stay out of the sun and know how to keep your skin hydrated. “Itch” Everyone … Read more

‘Eel’, a health food enjoyed by men and women of all ages…what kind of effect does it have?

As the weather gets hotter, more and more people are looking for eel, one of the health foods of summer. Let’s take a look at the benefits and precautions of eel, which are delicious and good for health. What are the benefits of eel? 1. Strengthen immunity Eel is high in vitamin A, with 360 … Read more

The “black spots” on the face become bigger and bulge, beware of skin cancer on the upper body-beauty anti-aging-Free Health Network

▲The doctor reminds that if there are unknown protrusions on the face, you must seek medical treatment; the picture is a situational photo, and the characters in the picture have nothing to do with this article. (Photo credit: shutterstock) Text / Wang Qixian Because of the epidemic, Xiaofen hasn’t been home to see her parents … Read more