China’s Tsinghua University develops technology to improve safety of autonomous vehicles-Xinhua

[신화망 베이징 3월18일] Tsinghua University in China is speeding up the development of autonomous driving technology with an emphasis on safety. A research team led by Professor Yang Diange of the Vehicle and Loading Academy of Tsinghua University recently announced that it had succeeded in developing a ‘continuous and reliable evolution technology’ for self-driving cars. … Read more

Software weighs risks during autonomous driving

A team from the Technical University of Munich has developed software for autonomous driving that better assesses the risk on the road. It is considered to be the first algorithm that takes the 20 ethics recommendations of the EU Commission into account and thus makes significantly more differentiated, well-balanced decisions than previous algorithms. The different … Read more

KIPOST (Keypost) – All information of the high-tech industry

News from companies pours out every week in a rapidly changing industry environment. KIPOST provides a week-long collection of information that provides insight into the business strategies and performance of various electronic manufacturing companies. A view of Samsung Electronics’ Xi’an semiconductor plant. ◇ Semiconductor industry news – US “Samsung and SK will limit the level … Read more

Study: The Germans’ favorite car remains the petrol engine

The insurer Allianz Direct wanted to know what drivers really want. And a representative survey that has now been presented came to surprising results: they would prefer a petrol engine. A proud 43 percent of the 800 respondents stated that they preferred this classic drive. 27 percent would choose a hybrid, i.e. a combustion engine … Read more

Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E-Performance: King of the four-cylinder

Departing from the iconic V8: The C 63, which is now called the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E-Performance in full, comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo. E-Performance, that means: As a hybrid, it is also driven by an electric motor on the rear axle – and that is why it is only available with all-wheel … Read more

Autonomous driving makes it possible: zero instead of nine euro ticket

It was supposed to be as early as 2025: Then the car industry wanted to send the first fully autonomous vehicles on our roads, on freeways, country roads and through cities, controlled by a supercomputer that would independently accelerate, brake and steer. Everything, of course, according to the rules of the road traffic regulations. That … Read more