Benjamín Vicuña spoke without filters about the death of Blanca

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 27/11/2022 · 00:56 hs Benjamin Vicuna It is part of the recognized actors that our nation has. Part of his career had his house here, but then he tried new directions and embarked on projects abroad. It was there that he met the Argentine model Pampita Ardohain with whom he formed … Read more

Susana Giménez, Mirtha Legrand, Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña in The People of the Year: look at the photos

Once again the most outstanding personalities of 2022 were summoned by the magazine People to be a part of The Characters of the Year and they attended the appointment dressed to the nines, at the Alvear Palace Hotel. Las Argentine divas, Mirtha LegrandSusana Gimenez y Moriah Casan They paraded down the red carpet and wore … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña spoke without filters about the sticks of China Suárez in networks

After Benjamin Vicuna will be angry with the notero of LAM for telling him without filter that the China Suarez would have slipped into a live of Instagram that he had not been happy with him, the actor talked about the supposed sticks he would receive from his ex in networks. “There was talk of … Read more

“Benjamin can’t believe she didn’t choose him”

shortly after Benjamin Vicuna y That is, Sulich’s put an end to their love story amid speculation about the reasons that would have triggered this breakup, Yanina Torres surprised the entire panel LAM with your information on the air. “Eli left Vicuña and Eugenia “la China” Suárez (her ex, with whom she has Magnolia y … Read more

The sweet video of Benjamín Vicuña with Magnolia after China’s declaration of love to Rusherking

After the long declaration of love that Eugenia “la China” Suarez did to Rusherking will arouse rumors about a possible stick for his ex, Benjamin Vicuna, the actor shared a sweet video with Magnoliathe little one he had with the actress. In the post that Vicuña shared in Instagram Stories he is seen having fun … Read more