Leones del Caracas count two lucky charms for the title 21 | baseball 123

Leones del Caracas had two sluggers who became, since their arrival, the soul of the team. We talk about Oswaldo and Orlando Arciawinners of several finals with Caribes de Anzoátegui and that this success also transferred him to the long-haired team. Together they won the first final they played wearing the Orientales jersey in the … Read more

Caribbean Series: Calendar of the Caracas Lions to represent Venezuela | baseball 123

Los Caracas Lions They are the champions of the LVBP 2022-2023 season and that is why they will have the responsibility of representing Venezuela in the Caribbean Series – Greater Caracas 2023. The team from the capital will try to achieve its third championship in this event. With the title obtained over the Sharks of … Read more

LVBP: Omar Vizquel and Gregorio Petit send a message to the Lions after the championship (+Video) | baseball 123

Los Caracas Lions they won the LVBP 2022-2023 championship and many of this team’s historics made themselves felt with their messages, proof of that the ex-shortstops Omar Vizquel y Gregorio Petit. These two historic “hairy guys” enjoyed winning championships with this team during their careers. The team from the capital defeated the Tiburones de La … Read more

LVBP: These are the keys to Leones del Caracas’ third victory in the Grand Final | baseball 123

Although it sounds dramatic, Jhoulys Chacín entered the fifth game of the Grand Final as something more than the number 1 pitcher in the rotation of Caracas Lionshe went up to the mound with an aura of a redeeming messiah derived from the recent context, from what happened in games 3 and 4. Also read: … Read more

LVBP: Gabriel Noriega adorns his career with the first Grand Slam in the postseason | baseball 123

The Leones del Caracas baseball player, Gabriel Noriega, hit a home run between left and center field with three men on the pads to give the long-haired the early advantage with a Grand Slam. READ ALSO: LVBP: Leones need their openers to extend their work to get the wins The infielder is in his first … Read more

Fifth game Caracas vs. La Guaira TODAY, LIVE: What time and where to see Leones del Caracas vs. Sharks of La Guaira LIVE for the fifth game of the LVBP 2023 final? | Lions vs Sharks | game Caracas – La Guaira | Final LVBP | Venezuela | LRTM | Sports

The grand finale got exciting! Sharks matched the series against Lions and will seek to advance in the fifth game of the LVBP 2023 final. Find out the details HERE. The Leones del Caracas will face the Tiburones de La Guaira for the fifth game of the grand final of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League … Read more