Check the rights of “Social Security Section 40” missing, have to pay again. Don’t forget to review your rights.

check social security rights forInsured person, section 33, section 39, section 40, compensation for the 2nd round begin to gradually transferPromptPay accountIt’s gone, and yesterday … Read more

Social Security, M. 40, when can I pay via the Boonterm kiosk, when can I check my rights at

applysocial Security M. 40 paying through the Boonterm kiosk will check the right to know the result of receiving 5,000 baht healing money at the … Read more

Social Security, University 40 in 16 provinces, receive 5,000 baht to heal. Enter PromptPay again today.

social Securitytransfer moneysocial security remediesSection 40 in 16 provinces who apply for a new application through the systemPromptPay 5,000 baht again today Today (21 Sept. … Read more

Remedy for social security, M. 40 in 16 provinces, received 5,000 baht. I entered PromptPay this morning.

social Security transfer moneysocial security remedies 5,000 baht for the insured under section 40 in 16 provinces who apply for a new account to the … Read more